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A tractor driver grips the Fendt ErgoSteer steering joystick with his hand

Discover the retrofit solutions
for Fendt tractors

Optimise your work with new Fendt Aftersales solutions!

Discover our latest innovations for your Fendt! Our Fendt original accessories offer you the perfect solution to make your work easier, more efficient and more comfortable.
The Fendt ErgoSteer steering joystick is an upgrade for all FendtONE tractors in the 500 Vario to 1000 Vario series and offers a completely new driving experience, while the mobile mounting aid for wheel weights enables quick and safe mounting/removal of the wheel weights.

Fendt ErgoSteer steering joystick

More relaxed and efficient steering with Fendt ErgoSteer

The Fendt ErgoSteer steering joystick offers you an upgrade in ergonomics and allows you to steer in a more relaxed and body-friendly manner for all field and yard work. The intuitive operation of the joystick is no problem, even for changing drivers, and the precise straight-line driving thanks to the self-centring action steering and the feedback of the steering angle to the driver will delight you. The individually adjustable armrest makes your workplace in the Fendt cab even more comfortable.
A tractor driver grips the Fendt ErgoSteer steering joystick with his hand

A completely new driving experience for all field and yard work

The Fendt ErgoSteer steering joystick can be installed in just 90 minutes without the need for any software update or activation and is fully integrated into the terminal. This means that the activation of the joystick steering, the steering mode (resetting or holding) as well as the setting of the steering sensitivity is conveniently done with a click in the terminal. Experience faster turning manoeuvres when working on the farm, in grassland and arable applications, as well as during off-farm operations.

Experience a new dimension in tractor steering with our innovative Fendt ErgoSteer



Tension in the shoulder and neck area is a thing of the past thanks to an optimal sitting position. Work more productively and efficiently without sacrificing the necessary comfort.

Easy to steering

If the retraction steering mode is activated, the machine always drives straight ahead when the joystick is released. The direction of travel is changed at the steering joystick, including a stop-and-go function – it’s no longer necessary to reach over to the steering column switch.

As a user, you can quickly

Optimise your field work with our innovative solution! Through faster turning manoeuvres, you achieve a higher area output and reduce diesel consumption at the same time.


Even for occasional drivers, operation is child's play and quickly becomes the new normal. Experience comfortable and efficient vehicle operation.


Full compatibility as a retrofit solution for all FendtONE tractors in the 500 Vario to 1000 Vario series with Profi+ or Power+ equipment.
Close-up Fendt wheel with wheel weight

Mobile mounting aid for wheel weights

Wheel weights are becoming increasingly popular as a means of transferring the engine power of relatively lightweight tractors to the ground. Fast and safe mounting of wheel weights is therefore becoming increasingly important. Discover our certified mounting aid for wheel weights now and optimise the ballasting of your tractor at any time!

Accident-proof and flexible changing of wheel weights

Mounting wheel weights is easy and efficient thanks to the heavy-duty castors. You save time and energy because you can mount your wheel weights with little effort. Due to the free rotation, the hole pattern of the wheel weights can be positioned immediately and precisely without damaging the paint. The mounting aid is maintenance-free and can be used for a variety of applications.

Experience the advantages with the mobile mounting aid for wheel weights



Our lifting device for wheel weights can be used across all manufacturers and offers you maximum flexibility in your work. The lifting device is suitable for wheel weights with an inner diameter greater than 400 mm.


At a size of 32 cm x 39 cm and a weight of approx. 34 kg, the lifting device is extremely compact and can be stored or transported in a space-saving way when not in use.

Increasing efficiency

Protect the soil and your wallet with lower fuel consumption and tyre wear! With our lifting device, the removal of wheel weights is done easily and safely.

Easy handling

Due to the accident-proof and quick handling when mounting and dismounting wheel weights, you save time and increase the efficiency of your work. Free rotation and alignment of the wheel weight to the hole pattern of the carrier plate is possible with little effort and enables precise mounting.

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Product Innovation

The Fendt 600 Vario – naturally superior

For our brand new innovation, the Fendt 600 Vario, we bring nature and technology into perfect harmony. The all-round tractor in the medium power segment will be presented live for the first time at Agritechnica.
Fendt Slicer 960/1010

Product innovation

The Fendt Slicer 960/1010 mowers

Fendt Slicer mowers deliver first-class results down to the last blade of grass thanks to precise cutting height and impressive forage quality. The expansion of our portfolio, especially in the area of the Fendt Slicer, demonstrates our diversity and innovation in forage harvesting. Hear first-hand how impressed customers and employees are with Fendt mowers.
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Your IDEAL Story

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Immerse yourself in moving stories from our project "Your IDEAL story". Customers from around the world are sharing their IDEAL experiences and how the IDEAL combine has revolutionised their harvest. Together with them and our experts, we exchanged ideas and collected valuable feedback to make the IDEAL combine even more powerful.
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Agritechnica 2023

Leaders drive Fendt.

Investing in Fendt means investing in the future. With us it's not just “Leaders drive Fendt”, it's an inspiration that will bloom again at this year's Agritechnica 2023. Be part of it and shape the future with us.