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Fendt Agronomy solutions to collect and process your data.

In your already busy everyday life, there's no avoiding that paperwork – annoying, but necessary. The good news is that your Fendt machine will help you document your field work in the best possible way.

Job-related documentation system

Fendt Task Doc

Save time in the office – VarioDoc, VarioDoc Pro / Fendt Task Doc.

With the order-led documentation system VarioDoc or VarioDoc Pro / Fendt Task Doc, your tractor collects all necessary data as you work. You can then transfer the data into a field map.

Basic documentation perfected – VarioDoc

With its onboard computer, your Fendt machine can collect various data on the job. You can make use of this data with VarioDoc and conveniently document it in a farm management system as part of an order. You can make all the documentation settings onscreen:

  • Job name, field name and current crop
  • Address of the company/customer
  • Plant protection product used and application volume
  • Current driver
  • Attachment used
  • Current weather conditions

Alternatively, you can create a job in one of the many compatible field databases and upload it to your terminal via USB stick or Bluetooth. The processed job is imported into the field database as a standardised ISO XML file in the same way.

Each Fendt machine with a Varioterminal 10.4" is equipped with VarioDoc as standard.

Advanced documentation: VarioDoc Pro / Fendt Task Doc

On a tablet one can see various areas that can be expanded with Fendt Task Doc.

VarioDoc Pro / Fendt Task Doc adds machine parameters and position data to the info provided by the onboard computer. This data is then accessed by the VarioGuide / Fendt Guide tracking system. This location-specific information is provided and recorded every five metres. VarioDoc Pro / Fendt Task Doc is the basis for the subsection-specific Fendt Variable Rate Control application.

  • Send data via the mobile network or USB
  • Perfect for contractors and machine communities with a shared data management system
  • Files processed in ISO-XML format and application maps in Shape format; for Shape application maps, data transfer is by USB only

Fendt Smart Farming – your next steps.

Fendt Smart Farming

Fendt Smart Farming

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