The best product – the best services.

When you buy a Fendt, you get a high-tech product that meets the highest demands. Consequently, you can also expect premium class services from the capable, certified Fendt dealers. Fendt Services offer you a comprehensive range of services, including regular certification of select dealerships with top know-how and premium workshop quality, driver training for improving driving economy or attractive financing and rental offers. This increases your profitability and operational security.

Fendt Care Service Agreement

Maintenance and Maintaining Value

With our Fendt Care services you can secure your operational readiness and retain the value of your Fendt machine in one. Choose the right premium for you at the time of purchase. Enjoy first-class services including repair and maintenance at attractive fixed prices.

The benefits

  • Maximum reliability
  • Genuine parts and materials
  • Regular servicing
  • Maximum value retention

Your onsite service partner is always on hand with Fendt genuine parts and materials in stock and regular service checks on your machine. Let us arrange service dates in advance, with hardly any interruption to your work. We can also carry out safety tests and full diagnostics. Giving you the freedom to plan and more time to do what you do best.

Fendt Care warranty extension

Standard services to keep costs down

In order to keep your machine in full working order at all times, we offer a tailored maintenance and repair service beyond the statutory warranty.

The benefits

  • Longest cover on the market for tractors
  • The most comprehensive cover and policy period in the industry
  • Covered by Manufacturer backed
  • AGCO OEM parts also covered
  • High degree of flexibility and risk mitigation
  • Upgrade of an existing warranty extension
  • Costs fully under control and planning certainty

Fendt Care offers you flexible policy with periods according to the machine type, and premiums, with and without excess.

Fendt Care Gold and Platinum exclusive to tractors are individually adapted to applications of up to 500 hours per annum and up to 8,000 total operating hours. With Fendt Care Platinum we will also replace your machine.

Effective dealer support via Fendt Connect

The best product with the best protection

  • On agreement with the vehicle owner, the dealer can access the machine data in order to quickly identify and rectify problems, e.g. those identified by error codes.
  • The transmitted data can also be used to ensure the effective management of the machine’s maintenance condition.
  • A report on the machine’s usage allows the customer to make corrections to the machine’s operation and improvements to the settings for future use.

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Fendt rental

Use instead of buy for more flexibility and liquidity.

If you have a short-term need for additional capacity or would like to use a tractor over a longer period of time without buying, your Fendt dealer can offer you an ideal solution through customised rental offers. That way your fleet always matches your current job situation.

The rental package for your tractor can be tailored to your needs. You have more liquid funds and you can easily calculate the costs per hour. If desired, we can take over all servicing work, complete insurance coverage and repairs*. A true care-free package, all without tying up capital.

* Repairs according to Fendt warranty policy; natural wear (e.g. tyres) and malicious damage are excluded.

Your benefits:

  • More capacity
  • Always the latest technology
  • Higher liquidity instead of long-term capital lock-up
  • Calculation reliability through fixed hourly rates
  • Flexible run times (up to 3 years or 4,500 hrs)
  • Tax benefit: rental costs are business expenses

Our services:

  • Regular servicing, e.g. oil and filter changes, as well as an overall check of all the vehicle functions
  • Repairs on the tractor* incl. original Fendt parts and materials as well as labour costs and maintenance work
  • Full vehicle insurance

* Repairs according to the Fendt Warranty Guidelines; natural wear (e.g. tyres) and malicious damage are excluded.

Fendt dealers: We keep your fleet in shape. Fast assistance in emergencies

During the harvesting season, your Fendt dealer is available around the clock seven days a week. In the event of a breakdown, a technician quickly comes to your site and repairs your machine as fast as possible.


The transparent Fendt

Fast error diagnostics are the basis for fast repairs. Technicians use FENDIAS to gain access to the digital data inside your Fendt. Data is also collected and analysed, for example, those from the hydraulics or the transmission. All for the sake of continual operational reliability.

  • Mosaic

    The transparent Fendt

    Fast error diagnostics are the basis for fast repairs. Technicians use FENDIAS to gain access to the digital data inside your Fendt. Data is also collected and analysed, for example, those from the hydraulics or the transmission. All for the sake of continual operational reliability.

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    Fendt24 – because your time is precious

    If your dealer does not have a replacement part in stock during the season and orders it by 6:00 pm, AGCO Parts will deliver it to your dealer by 8:00 the next morning. Fendt24 accepts orders around the clock. Your part is ready for shipping from the central parts warehouse within two hours.

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    Parts promise – machines under Fendt Care contract

    The Fendt Care contract guarantees that if the part causing the problem is ordered by 6:00pm, it will be delivered to your dealer by 8:00 am the next morning. If this fails, a share of the costs for a replacement machine will be covered.

  • Mosaic

    AGCO Parts Books – the online parts catalogue

    AGCO Parts Books contains all the electronically available parts catalogues. Using the parts lists, you can identify all the available replacement parts and order them directly through your Fendt dealer. This way you save time and money by doing repairs and maintenance work yourself.

Your Fendt Dealer: Capable, certified and well-equipped: that keeps your fleet in shape and you mobile

So that your Fendt remains 100% Fendt

Your Fendt dealer only installs original parts. They carry the assurance of series quality and are tested for functional reliability.
That pays off in many ways:

  • 12 month warranty on original Fendt parts and their installation
  • the highest level of operational reliability
  • top resale value

Everything on board – everything under control!

Every certified dealer has a modern service vehicle, proven and optimised tools, service literature, as well as FENDIAS, the computer-aided analysis and diagnostics system. This allows mobile technicians to localise and fix errors quickly.

Professional workshop and quality of service

The certified dealers' workshop managers and mechanics are always up-to-date with the latest technology. Equipped with modern diagnostic systems, electronic parts catalogues and online order systems, they get your Fendt back into working order quickly.

AGCO Source – the knowledge platform

AGCO Source allows our dealers and service staff to share experience on technical questions quickly. As a Fendt customer, you profit from this continually growing and permanently available knowledge platform through fast technical help, prevention of unnecessary repeat repairs and shorter downtimes.

AGCO Parts Shop

A laptop on which the AGCO Parts Shop is open.

Right Fit, First time, Every time.

You can now buy replacement parts, lubricants, and many other farming products online via our AGCO Parts Shop. Browse, purchase, and arrange delivery or collection at your convenience.