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Fendt 200 Vario - For the best job in the world.

The Fendt 200 Vario takes you to places where other standard tractors have long given up.

Pure performance: The performance range on the Fendt 200 Vario goes from 79 hp to max. 124 hp on the 211 Vario with the innovative power boost concept DynamicPerformance (DP). The innovative power boost concept DP releases up to 10 hp more power when needed. The 3-cylinder AGCO power engine features passion and dynamics coupled with exceptional stability. The 4-valve technology together with the turbocharger and wastegate utilises the full power potential.

The benefits:

Enjoy Vario added power: up to 7% savings on working time and up to 9% less diesel

The built-in extra power of the Fendt Vario comes from always working sensitively at the perfect speed and optimum efficiency to achieve maximum area coverage. It taps into power reserves that powershift gears just can't touch. Independent tests show that this saves you up to 7% in working hours and up to 9% diesel compared to shift gears, depending on the type of farm*.

* Landwirtschaftliches Wochenblatt Westfalen-Lippe, 5-2001;

Save fuel: modular hydraulics system with up to 104 l flow capacity and electrical valves

Choice of two types of hydraulics system: Fixed flow pump with 42 +33 l for a flow capacity including summation of 75 l/min. For more demanding requirements, there is the LS model with control pump (71 l) and fixed flow pump (33 l) and an impressive total flow capacity of 104 litres. This pump capacity keeps the engine speed low, which saves fuel effectively, even during demanding work. The separated oil supplies for the hydraulics and gearbox prevent the oils from mixing, which is especially important if implements are changed frequently. The high oil volume of 34 litres also allows use of large skips.

Safe on slopes: low centre of gravity and perfect traction

The high stability of the Fendt 200 Vario results from the tractor’s low centre of gravity. Together with the optimum traction provided by the front axle suspension and built-in anti-roll control, the constant power engagement of the Vario transmission means you can work safely and stress-free, even on slopes.

Drive in comfort and safety: continuous, from 20 m/h to 40 km/h

The continuously-variable Vario transmission guarantees ride comfort and offers potential savings. From 0.02 km/h (20 metres per hour) up to a maximum speed of 40 km/h at just 1550 rpm, continuous power transmission without changing gears. so you can always work at the exact speed that suits the work at hand. Even on extreme slopes you can brake continuously until you come to a standstill, secure the machine on the slope using the active stop control, and then drive away smoothly. This protects you and your soil.

The superior driving and working comfort of an HGV

The smart 3-in-1 system guarantees maximum ride comfort and ease-of-use: self-levelling, lockable front axle suspension, mechanical cab suspension and active shock load stabilising. This gives the front axle an even load, constant ground contact and the steering control is maintained. Together with the sensitive Fendt Reaction steering for safe straight-ahead work, the Fendt 200 Vario offers truck-level driving and working comfort.

Three types of front power lift to perfectly adapt to the job

The exclusive front power lift with load-relief control follows the ground contour with precision when used with a front mower, packer or snow plough. Without the need for conventional relief springs, you can work in a way that protects the implement and the soil, along with the best traction and lane-keeping, by shifting the implement weight to the front axle.

Front axle suspension with anti-roll control – up to 7% more area coverage

The self-levelling front axle suspension with 80 mm suspension guarantees optimum traction and increases your area coverage by up to 7%. The integrated anti-roll control and the ever powerful Vario drive deliver the best driving safety even on slopes or when using front loaders.

Up to four electric valves:

The Fendt 200 Vario has up to four double-acting valves in the rear or three connections in the rear and one connection in the front panel. The time function and oil quantity of all valves can be adjusted on the dashboard. You can also choose where you want which controls, by assigning them either to the crossgate lever or the customisable keys.

Active idle control

Stay safe and wear-free, and get back in the cab, even on hills with high loads: Thanks to the active stop control of the Fendt Vario transmission, it works without any jolting and is gentle on the soil.

Your favourite place with a 100° panoramic view

A workplace that's just right: ingeniously simple, simply ingenious

With the new Comfort cabin and the FendtONE workplace, you can expect an all-new overall concept for your driver's workplace. The new wide driver's seat, the steering column, which can be easily adjusted by foot pedal, and the digital, adjustable dashboard offer you a perfectly adjustable workstation. There is a generous control console with multifunction joystick for perfect ergonomics. Let the spacious and super-comfortable cab become your new favourite place – compact enough to work even in tight conditions and yet so airy, for the best all-round overview. And, with a 100° viewing angle, you get a clear view at all times, even of the lifted front loader. To the ground and straight ahead, your line of vision is excellent with the compact bonnet and slender design.

Settings and overview in the dashboard

Shown here is the main digital dashboard where you can easily configure the main function groups. Your road driving info is on permanent display on the left and right. In the middle you will finde the settings for hydraulics, engine, transmission, ventilation, lighting, front axle suspension and service. It's all in your control with the new pushdial on the right of the steering column.

Built-in cable ducts

Fendt offers a clever solution for cables that run from the rear of the tractor into the cab. Cables can be guided through the lead-through, no matter what kind of cross section they have. The rear window can be closed, so dust, dirt, water and noise stay outside.

12" touchscreen

Tractor and implement controls, optional camera function as well as lane guidance and documentation are completely integrated. Up to six tiles can be displayed on the terminal. All vehicle adjustment menus as well as additional assist systems are shown here. Then we have the ingenious headland management Fendt TI, the ISOBUS 200 control system and the full Fendt Guide lane guidance system (from Profi+)

Perfectly adjustable workplace

For the best sitting position, the steering wheel and cockpit must be at the right height and tilt angle. Both are quick and easy to finely adjust by foot pedal. Benefits: Perfectly comfortable to get in and out, with quick-fold design.

Easy controls with multifunction joystick and customisable keys

The two-way multifunction joystick with optimised ergonomics has four customisable keys. Then there's the built-in direction control and 2 cruise control and rpm memories.

100° view

The extended front windscreen and integrated roof window provide an outstanding overview with an impressive 100° viewing angle. This gives you an unobstructed view, from the lifted front loader down to the wheel placement.

For those who need more: fully modular design with Power, Profi and Profi+ configurations

Every operation is different. That's why we offer you an outstanding variety of options. Because you need a tool that fits seamlessly into your business. With the three lines – Power, Profi and Profi+ – and the flexibility of over 160 options as well as 70 tyres and tracks, you can tailor your tractor perfectly to your requirements. From the high-quality standard version Power to the fully digital Profi+ version with 12" terminal, tracking accuracy to 2 cm, embedded documentation and integrated office networking.

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