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A Fendt tractor with Slicer mower combination during grassland harvesting

The Fendt Slicer Test Reports – Better performance.

The Fendt Slicer disc mowers are formed from Essential requirements. We measure ourselves against the requirement to offer the optimum machine for every application with short harvesting times and constant drive to develop our mowers . Intelligent lightweight construction and high stability are not contradictions for us, but rather ensuring that it’s easy to use and has low fuel consumption. Find out what the experts and the press have to say here.

top agrar (3/2024)
Fendt Slicer 860 KC and 310 F KC in long-term tests

The dark green lettering of top agrar on a white background

Top quality cut of the robust butterfly-style mower

The German agricultural magazine top agrar carried out an intensive seasonal test with the latest generation of Fendt Slicer disc mowers in the triple combination during the 2023 forage season. The testers tested the lightest model variant of the newly-developed Fendt mower combinations, the Slicer 860 KC with a working width of 8.30/8.60 metres, and the matching 3.0 metre Slicer 310 F KC pendulum front mower. Both models were equipped with the powerful Streamline cutter bar and the optimised tine conditioner. The field test have been carried out over an entire season under different cutting, growing and weather conditions and with different tractor models on a total of around 500 ha. Read the trade journalists’ impressions here.

The lightweight Slicer Triple combination on test

A Fendt tractor in grass with a Slicer 860 KC mower combination attached

Top cutting quality

“The Slicer disc mowers cut the stalks cleanly in all conditions (standing crop), even with very low growth. The oscillation paths of the mowers (front +/- 7.5°, rear +30°/-19°) were also sufficient when driving through hollows and small ditches. Here, the cutter bar with its construction depth of almost 50 cm guided the blades cleanly over the ground.” (top agrar 3/2024)
A Fendt tractor with Slicer 860 KC mowing grass

Lightweights in their class

“The front mower weighs exactly 1,000 kg, the rear mower weighs 2,340 kg. This makes the machine nice and light. The payload of many four-cylinder tractors such as the Fendt 516 Vario we use is also sufficient.” (top agrar 3/2024)

Picture of a Fendt Streamline cutter bar with inside view

Quiet Streamline cutter bar

“The cutter bars are fully welded, lubricated for life and suspended on both sides. One of the manufacturer’s claims is that they use large (finely ground) gears with 3.5 teeth in mesh at all times. The goal is to achieve very smooth running. After mowing around 500 hectares, we can confirm that nothing rattled here.” (top agrar 3/2024)
Fendt Slicer 860 KC mower combination in the field during harvesting

Easy to pull and fuel-efficient

“A reduced speed of 850 rpm was sufficient to be able to work fuel-efficiently in thinner crops. In the second cut in 2023, the consumption of our Fendt 516 Vario (conditioner level 2) used averaged 5.2 litres/ha. We were able to achieve an area output of approx. 5 ha per hour. With the second test tractor, a Fendt 718, we managed an average of around 6.5 ha per hour with a diesel consumption of around 7 l/ha (conditioner level 3) – good values.” (top agrar 3/2024)

Close-up of the Fendt Slicer combinations, which can be hitched up quickly and easily

Easy to operate

“All in all, the combination is hitched on quickly. In the test, this took around five minutes.”

“There are arrows on the suspension of the right-hand rear mower for the optimum height of the rear power lift – simple and good.” (top agrar 3/2024)

View of the Fendt Slicer and the quick blade change in the field

Quick change

“Changing the blade is also easy. The knife blades can be changed very easily using the special tool. Spare blades are stored in appropriate tool boxes on the mowers – good.” (top agrar 3/2024)

The Fendt Slicer rear mower is always safe and stable in the field and on the way there

Safe and sturdy

“A free wheel in the gearbox allows the mower discs to rotate out after the PTO shaft is disengaged. The conditioners, on the other hand, stop very quickly so that the rear mower can be folded in immediately.” (top agrar 3/2024)

“The rear mower can be unhitched in both work or transport position. The latter saves space in the shed. A double support at the rear and two extendable supports at the front of the centre stand ensure a sturdy positioning.” (top agrar 3/2024)
A farmer couple searching online for the regional Fendt dealer

Test the Fendt Slicer and see for yourself.

Would you like to see the quality and performance of Fendt Slicers for yourself? Our Fendt dealers will be happy to offer you a product demonstration.

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A Fendt mower combination in the field during harvesting

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The completely redesigned Fendt Slicer 960/1010 series will offer contractors and large farms a wide range of machines with a host of innovative technologies from next season. The automatic adjustment of the conditioner intensity, which every KC-Pro model in the series has and which was honoured by the DLG with the “Innovation Award” in silver, is a pioneering feature.
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