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Intelligent solutions meet huge tractive power.

Quick and easy operation: Varioterminal 10.4” is the pivotal point of all intelligent solutions in Fendt 900 Vario MT, which is used to make all the important settings such as automated steering. It combines the touchscreen and key control, with which you can control the tractor and the attachments safely and ergonomically in any driving conditions and according to your preference. Here you can also control the innovative and extensive headland management VariotronicTI. Sequences can be programmed both from the stationary vehicle (offline editing) and while driving. Stored sequences can additionally be optimised from the stationary vehicle at any time. The system automatically detects the headland line from a GPS signal and executes the stored sequence fully automatically.

Easy to get on the right track: Fendt VarioGuide

Fendt VarioGuide gives you two different receiver systems, either NovAtel® or Trimble®. The VarioGuide steering system provides exceptional results and the ultimate in comfort. Two different receiver systems are available, either NovAtel® or Trimble®. With the NovAtel receiver, you’re always on the right track with the SBAS, TerraStar-L & -C and RTK correction signals. If you choose a Trimble® receiver, you can use SBAS, RangePoint™ RTX™, CenterPoint RTX™ and RTK. And if you still lose your RTK signal because of the terrain, VarioGuide will keep working for up to another 20 minutes thanks to the Trimble® xFill™ technology or NovAtel® RTK Assist.

In the right place with Section Control

With the fully automatic SectionControl, you can always plant seeds or spread fertiliser precisely in the right spot. This prevents double treatment and distances are automatically maintained. With the aid of the SectionControl assistant, you can set the correction values for each implement, quickly and easily. The switch on and off points can be set precisely from the very beginning, which automatically results in economical application.

Apply flexibly

The new solution for precision farming, variable rate control function (VRC), is now available in combination with VarioDoc Pro. The need for operating inputs such as seeds or fertiliser is shown on application maps, which can be called up during operation and automatically executed. The big advantage: Operating inputs can be defined and planned in the field database and then applied with the utmost precision. This way you work accurately and also avoid unnecessary leftover amounts. The new AGCO Connectivity Module (ACM), which performs all data transfer with regard to telemetry solutions as the central transmitter unit on the traxctor, forms the interface between tractor and office.

With Fendt VarioGuide, work with the accuracy you want year after year.

Perfect headland: Thanks to Fendt Variotronic, you can control even complex turning manoeuvres reliably.

ISOBUS attachment and Fendt VarioGuide automated steering are displayed in an overview on the Varioterminal.

Rest assured that your machine will be ready for action tomorrow.

100% quality, 100% service Fendt Services

To ensure that your Fendt Vario delivers 100 percent performance at all times, we offer you 100 percent service. In addition to the best diagnostics capability and ease of repair, this includes availability of replacement parts 24/7 during the harvesting season. The Fendt service network also guarantees fast lines of communication between you and our trained service employees. Fendt original parts and their fitment come with a 12-month warranty. Repairs using original parts ensures your Fendt tractor retains its value.

Performance and profitability under contract

The Fendt Service packages give you complete cost control with exceptional service. The packages cover all specified maintenance work, based on attractive fixed rates. The various Fendt Care levels include regular maintenance and servicing combined with an extended warranty for up to 10,000 operating hours or 8 years in total. From the maintenance agreement to the comprehensive package including replacement machine, you’ll find a flexible and tailored solution for your fleet at Fendt.

Individual finance and rental models

Investing in technology means a considerable capital outlay. A credit finance agreement from AGCO Finance offers attractive conditions and flexible terms. From the initial down payment to monthly instalments to the payment term – you set the general terms on which to finance your Fendt. If you need additional capacity in a hurry or want to use tractors over a long-term period without purchasing them, your Fendt dealer can offer the ideal solution with tailored rental packages. These packages help you adapt your fleet to your current workload.