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More power for more output.

The new OptiFlow pick-up has been specially developed for the new output capacity of the Fendt Squadra 1290 UD. Thanks to the 5 tine rows and a total of 80 tines, you can set new benchmarks with the newly developed pick-up. Owing to the increased number of tines and a working width of 2.25 m, the controlled pick-up ensures excellent collecting of crop even at high speed and also handles irregular swaths easily. For more output and efficiency, the roller windguard presses the swath evenly and simultaneously supports the conveyor action of the pick-up. The interplay between the roller windguard and the wiper plate reduces friction and ensures a smoother crop flow.

The standard roller windguard and the actively driven, floating feed roller guarantee perfect pick up of the crop.

With a total pick-up width of 2.98 m you don’t need to dismantle pick-up wheels for transport on public roads.

Thanks to the height control using the feeler wheels, the controlled pick-up is relieved by integrated springs and can therefore pick up all swathes optimally.

During operation, the pick-up wheels and the pick-up are always at the optimum height owing to integrated springs, and can be manually re-adjusted.

Ensure perfect preparatory work:
Processes upstream to the pre-compression chamber must be efficient. Two centring augers on both sides ensure that the crop is efficiently conveyed right from the beginning, and even the large and irregular swaths are distributed consistently. The smooth and actively driven feeding mechanism runs across the entire pickup width, and supports the feed of the largest swath to the 6 packer tines. The combination of the newly designed pick-up, the tines and the driven feed roller ensure that your output is increased by 20 percent.

Well-thought-out technical design:
The Fendt Squadra has been specifically designed to work cleaner and to protect the soil. Thanks to the use of plastic wipers, it was possible to design the pick-up with reduced weight. The polypropylene wipers guarantee extremely clean swath pick-up. The friction effect is always low irrespective of whether the conditions are wet or dry, and the individual wiper belts are less susceptible to contamination. The weight reductions and the adjusted height of the pick-up to suit the new intake auger pivot improve off-road capabilities and protect the soil while working. The tension spring, which optimally works to set the contact pressure of the pick-up and the roller windguard, ensures better overall adjustment to the relevant ground conditions.

The ultra drive for ultra compressed bales.

Fendt 900 Vario and Fendt Squadra

In a class of its own.

More weight per bale means higher savings on your transport costs. The newly developed ultra density (UD) main drive and the innovative drive train design help

compress the maximum possible material in a bale, and ensure that the force transfer becomes more efficient. With an exceptional press force of 760 kN, this extremely powerful combination guarantees straw bale densities of up to 245 kg/m³. Thanks to the overload clutches, jammed balers are a thing of the past.

Fendt Squadra square baler

Momentum in a box.

Although is lighter than that of the Fendt 1290 XD square baler, the new 500 kg flywheel in the Fendt Squadra has considerably more energy. The tractor’s PTO speed is increased from 1,000 rpm to 1,500 rpm via a step-up gearbox on the baler. This 50% increase produces 130% more flywheel energy compared with the existing Fendt big baler, whilst running much quieter.

Ultra main drive:
The single-cast gearbox is designed so robustly that it provides huge torques that are needed to press high-density bales throughout the baler’s life cycle. In the ultra main gearbox itself, the driving torque is distributed in an intermediate step to two gears of equal speed, and then combined again in the large drive gear of the plunger. This torque distribution in the main gearbox allows double the power to be transmitted at a virtually constant main gearbox weight and size in comparison with the existing Fendt big baler.

Extra heavy:
The Fendt Squadra produces exceptional output and tough bales thanks to the newly designed plunger. With an increased plunger speed of 50 strokes/minute and a considerably heavier plunger, the square baler has a maximum force of 760 kN, so producing heavy, optimally compressed and uniform bales.

The flywheel is operated using a wide-angle drive shaft that is driven by an intermediate gearbox. It ensures uniform and quiet operation of the baler, and high power transmission at the same time. Thanks to the intermediate gearbox, the starting torque can be reduced and the operator can operate with the normal PTO clutch without the hydraulic start-up aid. With the new Ultra gearbox extremely high torques can be transferred in a compact design due to the larger contact surface.

UD - "Ultra Density"

Bales are consistently uniform.

The foundation of perfect bales is laid when filling the pre-compression chamber. It is continuously filled with material from 6 packer tines. The swath size and the forward travel speed do not play a role in the Fendt Squadra. Irrespective of the material, the chamber is always optimally filled without manual intervention. The sensor flap is triggered only when the chamber is properly full and the opening for the main baling channel is released using the retention finger. The perfectly pre-compressed forage package is then fed from the stuffer with a stroke into the main baling channel. Thanks to the uniform material transport from the screw to the feed raking unit, you get a perfect bale shape with uniform density.

Tough from start to finish:
The new Optiform™ Ultra bale chamber has been specially developed to guarantee maximum baling density and a perfect bale shape every time. This is made possible by the 4 m long bale chamber of the Fendt Squadra that can generate more friction due to its optimally shaped press wall design, therefore producing attractive bales with clean edges. At the end of the day, you can empty the baling channel of any residues using the selectable length bale ejector.

Full steam ahead:
More power for maximum bale weights and densities at low load. The Fendt Squadra ensures this thanks to the robust yoke with the large density cylinders with a total diameter of 178 mm. In order to guarantee a uniform bale density even in the most diverse of harvesting conditions, the load in the loading arms of the plunger is measured for each of the 50 plunger strokes per minute. The electronic pressing force controller ensures that the resistance in the bale chamber is automatically adjusted when the measured load does not correspond to the pre-set value. The pressing force of the pressing cylinders in the bale chamber flaps is increased. In addition, different load distributions in the bale chamber are detected. The terminal therefore shows the operator whether he/she needs to drive to the right or left to form consistent bales.

The pre-compression chamber is uniformly filled by the packer and pre-compressed in the first stage. Once the compression in the pre-compression chamber is completed, pressure is exerted on the flap and the feed raking unit is activated. Retention fingers prevent the crop from landing in the main baling channel immediately.

The density cylinders which are 55% (total diameter 178 mm)

larger than those on the current Fendt XD big baler, generate

enough force to achieve the maximum possible bale weight.

The finished bales are ejected via the 5 rollers of the hydraulic bale chute; the supporting chains have been replaced by belts. This means that your combine becomes lighter, and runs smoother since there is no more chattering from the chains.

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Fendt Squadra 1290 UD

Fendt Squadra 1290 UD

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