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Adding a whole new dimension to automation
With IDEALharvest, the Fendt IDEAL sets new benchmarks in the field of automated machine settings – IDEALharvest is a revolutionary system that will automate your Fendt heavy-duty combine. Acoustic MAD sensors provide the data required for the Fendt IDEAL to automatically adjust to your pre-selected harvest strategy and achieve the best threshing results. The driver can quickly and easily select from the 3 key harvesting strategies – minimise breakages, minimise grain loss or optimise grain purity. You can also use the slider to prioritise throughput performance. The Fendt IDEAL's rotor and fan speed, top and bottom sieve openings and forward speed are continually optimised to suit the selected strategy. IDEALharvest also displays the machine's crop flow in realtime, so you can use the data to assess crop distribution in the machine. Based on the realtime values of the installed sensors, the transfer volumes and grain losses are displayed onscreen. The Grain Quality Cam helps optimise the grain quality.
Tablet with a screen of the Fendt IDEAL combine harvester settings via IDEALharvest