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The Fendt Rotana – model comparison

The Fendt Rotana comes in a variety of sizes and specifications. We have everything you need!

Fendt Rotana V Combi

The Fendt Rotana 160 V Combi combines balers and wrappers with maximum quality, precision and efficiency.

Baler chamber diameter: 0,70 – 1,60 m

Fendt Rotana F Combi

High compression densities, precise cut and reliable wrapping, combining to produce perfect silage from high-quality forage to ensure healthy animals.

Baler chamber diameter: 1,25 m

Fendt Rotana V

Evident in each bale: Experience, innovation and reliability. Four infinite rubber and synthetic belts ensure an optimal grip on the crop, and apply plenty of pressure on the bales thanks to their exceptional traction.

Baler chamber diameter Fendt Rotana 160 V: 0,70 – 1,60 m

Baler chamber diameter Fendt Rotana 180 V: 0,70 – 1,80 m

Fendt Rotana F

The right grip ensures proper rotation. The 18 PowerGrip steel rollers ensure maximum bale compression, outstanding baling efficiency and rotation under all operating conditions.

Baler chamber diameter: 1,25 m

Fendt Rotana V Combi and Fendt Rotana F Combi

  • Smooth bale transfer to the wrapping table
  • Wrapping unit with adjustable plastic film stretching
  • Wrapper ring automatically adjusts to the baler diameter

Fendt Rotana V and Fendt Rotana F

  • Kurvenbahnlose Pick-Up
  • Up to 25 knives with group engagement
  • mechanical tailgate lock guarantee perfectly formed bales and bale densities