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A farmer driving his Fendt 1100 Vario MT across a field.

Fendt 1100 Vario MT test reports

The Fendt 1100 Vario MT in test

The most powerful Fendt tractor is the tracked Fendt 1100 Vario MT, which first made tracks on the world's fields in 2021. It's also the most powerful CVT equipped tractor on the market. The specialist press including profi, Traction, landtechnikvideos.de and Farmers Weekly in the UK, wasted no time in getting to grips with this new Fendt large tracked machine and its predecessor. We have summarised their exciting findings.

The Fendt 1167 Vario MT in the profi field test

A “comfortable puller” is the profi’s title for the Fendt 1167 Vario MT in the field test

The trade magazine profi took a close look at the Fendt 1167 Vario MT in a field test in the March 2023 edition. We have summarised the most important results.
A farmer driving his Fendt 1100 Vario MT across a field.

Fendt is the only manufacturer to also offer variable transmission above 600 hp

“But there have not just been fundamental changes to the transmission, the engines are also different. Instead of an in-house twelve-cylinder from AGCO Power with a displacement of 16.8 l, Fendt is using MAN engines with six cylinders and a low rpm concept (1,730 U/min rated rpm).”
More economical than tracked vehicles with powershift transmission
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profi 03/2023
(...) with variable transmission it has no competition in driving comfort in this class.
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profi 03/2023
You’ll want for nothing – from TeachIn to the automated TI Headland system, you are well supplied.
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profi 03/2023
The American puller with the Bavarian makeover leaves its peers behind in its efficiency (...).
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profi 03/2023
Managing Director of the Agricultural Cooperative Bad Dürrenberg Matthias Ulrich andChristian Gessner

“The efficiency of this tracked vehicle won us over!”

This is how profi quoted Matthias Ulrich and Christian Gessner from the Bad Dürrenberg farming cooperative. The cooperative farms about 5000 ha and thoroughly tested the Fendt 1167 Vario MT.

The cooperative uses traditional articulated tracked tractors for its intensive soil cultivation on sand and clay soils. According to Christian Gessner – one of the managing directors and Head of Crop Cultivation in Bad Dürrenberg – there have been more and more repairs on these tractors in the past few years, which is why they tested the Fendt 1167 Vario MT so intensively in 2022. They said they were impressed by the driving comfort with the track suspension and the variable transmission.

After this convincing demonstration, the farming cooperative ordered the Fendt 1167 Vario MT immediately.

Other test reports

Fendt 1162 Vario MT - half the cylinders, twice the driving fun

The trade magazine profi took a close look at the large tracked tractor in a driving report in its May 21 edition.

"The large Challenger tracked tractors have now joined the Fendt label in the shape of the 1100 Vario MT – with just 6 instead of 12 cylinders, but variable transmission and new suspension.”

Fendt 1100 Vario MT vs. Challenger MT 875E in a first report in traction

traction (Jan/Feb-21) compared the new tracked tractor directly with its predecessor, with the headline:

“Fendt's largest tracked range, the 1100 MT series, will feature Vario from now on. Like all Fendt tracked tractors, it comes from the Challenger plant in the USA and carries plenty of its characteristics. But the Marktoberdorfers are going further than ever in their path to Europeanisation.”

Fendt 1100 Vario MT test drive

The agricultural film-makers Landtechnikvideo also reviewed the vehicle in a driving report:

“With the integration of the familiar Fendt operating environment together with the Vario variable transmission, the 1100 Vario MT is a very different experience compared to the previous series. Apart from the tracks steering, which is much more sensitively compared to a standard tractor, our 1167 MT drives like an ordinary Vario. And now, for the first time, cab suspension together with a new stabilisation system make the ride noticeably smoother and more comfortable compared to the previous series.”

On Test: Fendt 1162 Vario MT

The UK agricultural magazine Farmers Weekly tested the 1162 MT:

"The engine and transmission changes have allowed Fendt engineers to tweak out far more torque, even in the low speed range.”