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Overall field work result at only 242 g/kWh
A total of 14 different load cycles are tested in the DLG PowerMix. This allows realistic data to be collected on the basis of typical workloads. The DLG used this data to determine the overall efficiency of the Fendt 728 Vario. Our Fendt 728 Vario is at the top in terms of diesel consumption, beating the John Deere 6R 250 and other competitors in its performance class***.

With an overall field work result of just 242 g/kWh for diesel and 24.2 g/kWh for AdBlue*, the 728 Vario is a full 15 g/kWh better than the John Deere 6R 250 in terms of diesel consumption and also 14 g/kWh** better than the average for other tractors in the 241 to 305 hp*** power class!

*Source: https://pruefberichte.dlg.org/filestorage/PowerMix_Datasheet_Fendt_728.pdf
**Source: https://pruefberichte.dlg.org/filestorage/0618_John_Deere_6250R.pdf
*** Average calculated from the following publicly available values: Fendt 728 Vario Gen7: 242/24.2 g/kWh diesel/AdBlue (DLG test report 7435) | New Holland T7.315 HD: 255/27 g/kWh diesel/AdBlue (profi 11/22) | John Deere 6R 250: 257/10.8 g/kWh diesel/AdBlue (profi 6/18) | Massey Ferguson 8S.265: 259/23.1 g/kWh diesel/AdBlue (profi 5/22) | Deutz 8280 TTV: 261/9 g/kWh diesel/AdBlue (profi 5/22) | Massey Ferguson 8S 305 DynaVT: 264/28 g/kWh Diesel/AdBlue (profi 8/23)
Fendt 700 Vario cultivating at sunset