Highly-efficient forage harvesting equipment forms the culmination of the full line strategy

As part of a strategy to provide customers with a complete range of high-performance and innovative solutions as a full line partner, Fendt presents high-level products from the forage harvesting equipment range at Agritechnica 2017. Everything is here from premium-quality forage wagons to round balers and innovative new developments when it comes to mowers and tedders. The forage wagon and round baler range will be available following the completion of the acquisition of the Lely Forage Business in October 2017.


Highly-efficient forage harvesting equipment forms the culmination of the full line strategy

As part of a strategy to provide customers with a complete range of high-performance and innovative solutions as a full line partner, Fendt presents high-level products from the forage harvesting equipment range at Agritechnica 2017. Everything is here from premium-quality forage wagons to round balers and innovative new developments when it comes to mowers and tedders. The forage wagon and round baler range will be available following the completion of the acquisition of the Lely Forage Business in October 2017.

Fendt Tigo PR and Tigo XR combi wagon

Fendt Tigo 60 PR combi wagon

Outstanding features include high loading capacity and excellent feed quality.

The Tigo XR and Tigo PR forage wagons are new additions to the Fendt forage harvesting equipment range. Both are stable and lightweight, with a high volume despite the compact design and easy operation, and are therefore ideal for large agricultural enterprises and contractors. The excellent capacity of both models is achieved by the adjustable bulkhead, thanks to which the loading area above the pick-up can also be used. 6 m³ of crops, more than on comparable forage wagons, can be loaded using this unique technology.

Fendt Tigo 60 PR

At the same time, the multi-functional bulkhead acts as a press during loading. The VarioFill loading and unloading system with its infinitely-adjustable control ensures the best possible compaction density. For unloading, the bulkhead swings towards the rear of the machine, and slides the crop out in the same direction as soon as the scraper floor starts to move, therefore replacing the scraper floor drive and chains. This VarioFill complete system is like nothing else in the market place.

In order to ensure an even better weight distribution and optimum road handling, the Fendt Tigo XR and PR are around 1 m shorter than similar wagons and are therefore lighter and more manoeuvrable.

All functions at your fingertips with the Varioterminal

All implement functions can be controlled via ISOBUS and the Varioteminal, meaning that all functions can be operated via the terminal or with the joystick. Both models also carry a parallel mode option using the separate forage wagon terminal. The chopping rotor on the Fendt Tigo which can be swivelled outwards has either 40 (PR) or 45 (XR) knives, and can be easily operated using the two buttons on the left side of the wagon, or from the cab.

The uncontrolled, quiet and low-maintenance pick-up with an operating width of up to 2 m, guarantees excellent output on both the Fendt Tigo XR and PR. 25 mm rotor tines ensure that the forage is picked up is such a way to preserve the crop’s essential quality. Fendt is currently the only manufacturer to have integrated the rotor drive gearbox into the chassis frame.

Fendt Tigo 60 PR combi wagon

Excellent chopping quality guaranteed

At just 3.5 mm, the gap between the rotor knives is the smallest on the market, and ensures exceptionally high chopping quality for the best possible forage. Just as unique and patented is the rotor tine changing system. This changing system allows individual tines to be replaced without replacing the entire rotor, so significantly reducing the amount of work needed and cost involved in this process.

Type “D” models have up to 3 feed rollers.

Excellent stability on slopes and on the road

Filled wagons always tend to tilt downwards especially when used across a slope, therefore destabilising the entire combine. Fendt Stability Control (FSC), is the safe way of negotiating slopes, and guarantees perfect road handling. Another unique level control is installed in the wagon’s hydro-pneumatic suspension system. The full suspension travel is always available regardless of the load. Two hydraulic stabilisers on each axle ensure that the set level is always maintained, and that the wagon’s loading space is always parallel to the slope, meaning that it remains stable. The closed system also works on the roads to counter rolling when taking corners.

Fendt Tigo XR and PR are identical in design to the top-of-the-range forage wagons from Lely.

Fendt round balers

Fendt 4180 V round baler

Unique HydroflexControl system releases blockages quickly and easily

Fendt is today launching its fixed chamber and variable round balers. Fixed chamber balers come in three versions: the Fendt 1125 F entry level model (without table), the Fendt 2125 F model and Fendt 2125 F Profi top-of-the-range model. While all three fixed chamber models have a bale size of 1.25 m, the variable balers are available in 2 sizes: The Fendt 4160 V offers diameters of 1.60 m, with the Fendt 4180 V producing 1.80 m bales.

The Fendt 2125 F, Fendt 2125 F Profi equipped with a table, and the two variable balers have the unique HydroflexControl system. The system clears blockages in the feed channel quickly and easily. The flexible “Flex” floor in the feeding channel allows alternating quantities of forage to flow downwards, though there is still too much material in the feeding channel, the path can be cleared by swinging out the entire floor. The driver does not have to leave the cab, but can control the process conveniently from the cab, which increases operating efficiency and saves costs.

Fendt 4180 V variable round baler

Retaining quality of crop during pick up

All round balers have an uncontrolled, quiet and maintenance-free pick up with an operating width of 2 – 2.4 m. The 5 rows of tines with the standard 5.6 mm wide heavy-duty tines ensure that forage is picked up in such as way that quality of the crop is maintained. Thanks to the compact design, the pick-up sits close to the rotor, and therefore ensures that the crop flows to perfection.

The mechanical baler chamber lock on all models ensures firm, well-compacted and evenly formed bales. The round balers also features the CPS (Constant Pressure System) to ensure consistently high bale density. Due to the interaction between mechanical suspension and hydraulic cylinders, the pressure rises as bale diameters increase, ensuring that each bale is perfect.

Fendt 2125 F Profi fixed chamber baler

Xtracut table produces top quality forage

Fixed chamber balers are fitted with 18 “PowerGrip” steel rollers in the baler chambers. 10 ribs along the individual rollers are press-fit into the thick-walled tube (3.20 m) using a special process, and ensure a long service life, stability, durability, and always a perfect grip on the bales. In order to guarantee optimal cutting power in the Fendt round balers, they are fitted with an Xtracut table. If different materials need to be baled, the driver can choose between different knife groups with 13, 17 or 25 knives. The 25 knives offer, a notional chopping length of 45 mm when all knives are activated, or 90 mm if half the knives are used. Well-cut forage is easier to compact properly, and therefore saves on both foil and net, as well as transport costs and storage space.

The round balers have an identical design to the Lely balers.

New addition: Fendt Former 14055 PRO rake

With an operating width of up to 14 m, the new Former 14055 PRO rake developed by the AGCO expertise centre for wet silage has a high acreage capacity, and is therefore great for use in large enterprises and by contractors. The challenge involved in developing a rake with such an operating width is to ensure that the implement is compact when in its transport position. Fendt has found the perfect solution.

Fendt Former 14055 PRO

The Fendt Former 14055 Pro remains below a transport height of 4 m without having to dismantle rotor arms by automatically lowering the rotor, and lowering the entire frame using the hydraulic chassis, which allows the rake to be transported on roads with maximum height restrictions, bridges for example, with no problem at all. This saves customers valuable time during the hectic harvest season.

Thanks to ISOBUS, the rake can be conveniently controlled via the terminal and the tractor’s multifunction joystick. The intelligent proConnect technology combines 3 innovative functions which make work easier and increase efficiency: the automatic, speed-related rake height adjustment, flexHigh, the rotor overlapping function, gapControl, and the rake management system, myMemory.

Fendt Former 14055 PRO

flexHigh can automatically adjust the operating height of the rotor to the speed of the tractor, guaranteeing the best setting and allowing greater acreage capacity. When switched off, the rotor is automatically raised, which both protects the turf, and significantly reduces the ash content of the forage.

On the terminal, gapControl shows the overlapping range between the front and rear rotor, therefore allowing the operating width to be used to its full potential. MyMemory is used to store the last values for the operating width, swath width and rake height setting, and automatically restarts after transporting, saving the user long set-up times. A further benefit is the reduction of operating errors caused by the system to an absolute minimum.

New addition: Fendt Slicer TLX mower

The Fendt Slicer TLX disc mower range is a complete new venture, and will be unveiled to the public for the first time at Agritechnica 2017. The Fendt mower comes in a new diagonal transport position, which gives the series the huge advantage of being compact. Due to the cleverly-designed curved shape of the arm, the mower unit has a swing range of +28° to -20°, which is wide enough to ensure outstanding ground following even on difficult terrain. The standard hydro-pneumatic suspension optimises the bearing pressure of the mower in a wide range of conditions.

Fendt Slicer TLX

The mowers come in two operating widths: 3.10 m and 3.60 m. Three models are available for each operating width, with tine conditioner, roller conditioner and without conditioner.

The SafetySwing impact guard, previously a familiar feature of Fendt mower combines, has been included for the first time in a dedicated mower. SafetySwing ensures optimal safety in the field, and offers reliable protection to the implement against damage caused by obstacles. The mower unit moves back and up to avoid an obstacle, and then returns naturally to its original position once the obstacle has passed.

Fendt Slicer TLX

Fendt focuses on user friendliness. The Slicer TLX mower series therefore offers complete access to the mower bar, the surrounding plastic impact guard, a tool box and an operating height indicator. All in all, it’s the small features which ensure that fitting times are reduced to a minimum and that the user-friendliness is enhanced. Other options include the hydraulically-foldable external guard, a hydraulic transport lock, and stands for setting the machine down in the transport position.

All other features, such as the huge cutting force, an exact cut and reliability are offered by the Fendt Slicer TLX mower series to the usual high Fendt quality standards.

New from Fendt: the alpine range

These special alpine implements are newcomers to the Fendt silage equipment range: the Former 351 DS tedder, the 431 DM and 601 DN twister, as well as the Slicer 260 FP and FPS disc mowers. All implements feature weight-optimised designs, in other words they are lighter and more compact than conventional implements. In addition, their centre of gravity is close to the tractor, which means better stability on slopes.

Fendt Slicer 260 FPS

An outstanding feature of the Former 351 DS tedder is the rigid headstock, therefore allowing a range of options on the front of the unit. The Fendt Twister also impresses with its drive, which includes robust double yokes and synchronous movement as standard, providing additional safety when working on slopes. The Slicer 260 FP and FPS models with swivel headstock complete the product range in the disc mower division. In addition, the Fendt Slicer 260 FPS also has an integrated hydraulic side shift, absolutely perfect for operating across slopes.

Fendt Twister 601 DN
Fendt Former 351 DS

All machines are therefore ideal for use on slopes, and in alpine or upland areas. The implements will be available to customers from September 2017.

Fendt Katana 85 now also comes with reversible fan

Fendt Katana 65

Users are finding the consistently outstanding chopping quality of the Fendt Katana 65 and 85 forage harvesters increasingly attractive. The excellent harvest quality is appreciated by cattle farmers as well as biofuel producers.

Innovations and unique selling points on the forage harvester market include the tried and tested Fendt reversible fan. The air flow direction is reversed by turning the fan blades. This results in permanently clean radiator grills, so increasing the performance and efficiency of the Fendt Katana 85, and saves a huge amount of time and trouble for the driver, meaning the days of cleaning the radiator grill manually are at an end. The cooling capacity is automatically adjusted to the engine’s needs by changing the angle of the fan blades. This extra power makes the Fendt Katana even more efficient.

Software updates, which are available for all Fendt Katanas, continuously add functionality, and so increase the retention value. Practical trials have shown that the controls are now even better tailored to the driver’s needs, this year, for example, has seen the addition of an option to switch between full beam and low beam using the assignable buttons on the joystick.