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Like a bed of straw: the headers of the Fendt Katana forage harvester.

Almost like watching TV:
Fendt Katana operators find the comfort of home in their generously dimensioned Visio5 cabs: maximum comfort, the best view and, in the centre, a very comfortable easy chair. Controlling the various programs and modes is easy, just a flick of the wrist. And there is even a cool box for drinks and refreshments on board.

Illuminated comfort:
The Fendt Katana forage harvester makes harvesting as enjoyable as possible. The innovative LED lighting concept shows the way safely, even in the dead of night. Uneven ground can be seen without a problem, but is hardly felt inside the cab thanks to the hydraulic rear axle suspension, either in the field or on the road.

Every hand movement is right: The intuitive operation combines concentration and control.

Using the multi-function lever, the discharge chute can be quickly rotated to the other side of the machine with the touch of a button.

Even with an unloading height of over six metres, operators have the chute flap in full view. Optionally, the discharge chute can be extended to permit the loading vehicle to be filled optimally, even with wide headers.

The combination of guidance systems and automatic maximum output control lowers the driver’s workload, ensures optimal utilisation of the Fendt Katana forage harvester and permits the driver to work relaxed.

The rear axle has suspension to absorb shock loads in the field and on the road. That protects both the operator and the machine. The suspension also enables better ground contact for the Fendt Katana and boosts pulling power. Together with permanent 4WD as standard, this means the best propulsion.

Every corner under control

Miss nothing, in the Fendt Katana Comfort cab. On request, you can check the fill level of the transport vehicle with the camera and see it on a separate monitor in the cab. The superimposed steering system VarioActive masters tight turning manoeuvres. It gives a stronger steering ratio that adapts to the steering movement and road speed.

Relaxation as far as the eye can see: Your Fendt Katana in long-term operation.

Superior overview

We have equipped the Fendt Katana forage harvester with many useful extras so that you are not only surrounded by maize during the harvesting season. From innovative and straightforward operating interfaces to superior monitoring and communication interfaces, e.g. between the harvester and trailer, the Visio5 cab is anything but monotonous.

4:1 for VarioActive

Like everything in the new Fendt Katana forage harvesters, the superimposed steering system is trimmed for maximum performance. When driving on the road, four turns of the steering wheel are required for a full steering lock, at the headland with VarioActive, it only requires one turn. The result: precise steering, steady driving and extreme manoeuvrability.

Always the right speed

With the maximum load control, the road speed is automatically adjusted to the respective harvesting and crop conditions. Engine power is optimally utilised to achieve maximum output and to make the operator’s work easier. Machine utilisation is clearly displayed in the Varioterminal.

The exclusive Fendt maximum output control automatically controls the forward ground speed of the Fendt Katana dependent on the crop density. The engine power is utilised optimally to achieve maximum harvesting performance.

The maize header is available with eight, ten or twelve rows. For on-road driving, the header folds up hydraulically, so it can be brought into transport position quickly.

Ultra-strong LED lamps make night to day and the Fendt Katana literally into a leading forage harvester.

The engine load reduction and maximum driving speed with the

automatic maximum output control can be set in the terminal

in order to adjust the automated function to the prevailing conditions.