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A farmer standing in front of a green background and looks motivated into the future. Fendt products are depicted on his shirt.

Leaders drive Fendt.

Investing in Fendt means investing in the future. With us it's not just “Leaders drive Fendt.”, it's an inspiration that will bloom again at this year's AGRITECHNICA 2023. We place great value on responsibility and innovation to blaze new trails together. Passion, excellence and innovation are the driving forces behind our success. See for yourself and shape the future with us.

The unique Fendt story

Leaders drive Fendt.

With passion and inspiration

Discover the inspiring stories of our customers, the real pioneers. With the slogan “Leaders drive Fendt”, these dedicated farmers share their unique experiences and their passion for the Fendt brand. From top performance in the field to the innovating force in agriculture, these stories show how Fendt can help you to success.

Since 1930: Overcoming challenges and creating innovation

For more than 90 years, Fendt has driven forward pioneering technological developments and establishing important milestones in agricultural technology. A never-ending story, because Fendt has embodied advancement from tradition since the beginning. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the Fendt brothers and their visionary father, Johann Georg Fendt. From humble beginnings in Marktoberdorf in the Allgäu to becoming a global agricultural equipment manufacturer, discover here how the company has progressed along its path to becoming a world leader.
Black and white photograph of a farmer driving with a Dieselross in a meadow

1930: A vision of Johann Georg Fendt

Johann Georg Fendt and his son Hermann Fendt put their heads together and develop the first 6 hp diesel small tractor with mower and mounted plow. Tractor production begins at Fendt. Inspired by the transition from horse to machine that isn't fed oats, but diesel, the creative name “Dieselross” ("Diesel horse")was born.

A farmer drives a Fendt Favourite in a field

1950: From the diesel horse to the first series of tractors

Originally started in Bavaria, Fendt rapidly gains fame in the entire German-speaking region as a renowned brand that is prized for its diesel horse and tool carriers. In 1958, the company proudly presents the ff-series with its “Fendt Favorit” showcase model that impresses with an especially sleek bonnet. The iconic slogan “Leaders drive Fendt” was first coined during this period.
Fendt snow groomer in action in the mountains

1970 to 1997: 27 years characterised by variety and innovations

Fendt presents a diverse selection of machines: from the well-known tractors of the Fendt Farmer and Favorit series to all-terrain forklifts and snowcats to the first self-propelled forage harvester Agrobil. In 1995, the ground-breaking world premier of the new Fendt heavy-duty tractors was celebrated, and above all the market introduction of the innovative Vario drive. In 1997, the US agricultural engineering company AGCO acquired the traditional Allgäu tractor manufacturer Xaver Fendt & Co. in Marktoberdorf.
Fendt 936 Vario Black Beauty

2005: Stunning success with the "Black Beauty"

In 2005, all eyes were on Fendt with the impressive “Black Beauty”, the Fendt 936. One year later, the series production of the new Fendt large tractors including the special paintwork, a selection of different colours including chrome-plated hood and chrome-plated exhaust, was launched. This excellent design underlines the incomparable premium quality of Fendt.
Three Fendt tractors driving with implements in the meadow

2014: Movingconfidently into the harvest sector with the versatile forage harvest machines.

The machines in the new Fendt forage harvesting programme bear the names Cutter, Slicer, Former and Twister. With this comprehensive offering, Fendt offers a perfect solution for mowing, tedding and swathing. The range extends from small, simple machines to large-area technology for professional companies and contractors, so Fendt covers the entire bandwidth.
On the left is an arm holding a tablet and on the right is the terminal of a tractor with FendtONE onboard

2019: Agriculture becomes digital with the FendtONE

With the Fendt 700 Vario, Fendt introduces a trailblazing innovation: for the first time, the onboard and offboard worlds are united in one tractor. This happens with the introduction of the new all-in-one Fendt platform “FendtONE”, which works in the driver's cab as well as in the office or even on the mobile device. The Fendt IDEALcombine harvester impresses in Europe with its strong performance and a new top model with 790 hp has been introduced, which presents the IDEALDrive for the first time, an innovative steering system without a steering wheel.
Mystical depiction of the Fendt e100 V Vario tractor

2023: The first electric tractor from Fendt is on the starting blocks

With a consistent view into a sustainable future, Fendt sets a new milestone. Fendt is presenting the first fully electric tractor at AGRITECHNICA 2023: the e100 Vario. Discover new opportunities for your agricultural business - find out about the technology and innovation at our booth. You can look forward to things like: emission-free, performance, compatibility.

Our promise for your challenges: Together for a sustainable agriculture!

A farmer holding a tablet in her hand and leaning against her car. In the background, a Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 driving up.


For over 90 years, passion for agriculture has flown into every innovation, every tractor and all of the technology we develop. Our drive is the people who achieve high-performance with our products. Your vision of a sustainable and successful future inspires us every day.


From the first idea to realisation, our technologies and agricultural solutions are the result of passionate devotion and excellence to offer agriculturalists around the world the best tools for their challenging tasks. We always lend an ear to the needs of our customers to help them realise their goals.


Innovation isn't just a catchword at Fendt, but a tried-and-true tradition, since 1930. Since then, Fendt has embodied pioneering technologies and future-oriented solutions in agriculture. We never stand still, but surge forward into an exciting future.

More Fendt highlights

Fendt 600 Vario standing in a field. Ants can be seen in the foreground.

Product Innovation

The Fendt 600 Vario – naturally superior

For our brand new innovation, the Fendt 600 Vario, we bring nature and technology into perfect harmony. The all-round tractor in the medium power segment will be presented live for the first time at Agritechnica.
Fendt Slicer 960/1010

Product innovation

The Fendt Slicer 960/1010 mowers

Fendt Slicer mowers deliver first-class results down to the last blade of grass thanks to precise cutting height and impressive forage quality. The expansion of our portfolio, especially in the area of the Fendt Slicer, demonstrates our diversity and innovation in forage harvesting. Hear first-hand how impressed customers and employees are with Fendt mowers.
Green folding chairs with the inscription "Your Fendt IDEAL Story"

Your IDEAL Story

Combine customers from around the world tell their IDEAL Story

Immerse yourself in moving stories from our project "Your IDEAL story". Customers from around the world are sharing their IDEAL experiences and how the IDEAL combine has revolutionised their harvest. Together with them and our experts, we exchanged ideas and collected valuable feedback to make the IDEAL combine even more powerful.