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Safe and easy filling for very short downtimes.

Practical induction hopper

The 60 l capacity induction hopper has an output of up to 200 l/min. Even large quantities of crystalline products can be quickly and easily dissolved at a rate of up to 33 kg/min. The operator fills the induction hopper from a comfortable height and can fold it in and out easily using the gas pressure springs. The canister cleaning diffuser is used as an easy means of flushing the spray liquid canister, and helps you get every last drop from it. The induction hopper can also clean itself when the lid is closed.


All valve functions required for filling and stirring can be operated from the OptiFlow control centre on the induction hopper, as well as from the cab. The standard automatic filling system stops exactly at the number of litres set by the operator – even if there are two figures, e.g. water and pesticides. The system always guarantees an optimal spray liquid mixture in the tank at all times, and reliably prevents overfilling.

Operator convenience

All filling fittings are clearly arranged on the left-hand side of the machine. The large and easy to open panels of the Rogator 300 consist of the same HDPE material as the spray tanks. Extremely smooth, glass-like surfaces effectively prevent sticking and are easy to clean. Cleverly-designed and sealed stowage compartments allow personal protective equipment and funnels to be carried safely. The hydraulic agitator power can be adjusted from the terminal. Foaming residues are prevented by the agitator control which is linked to the fill level.


The hose couplings can be controlled easily and conveniently.

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    A practical box for gloves: No need to bring protective clothing into the cab. The cab always stays clean.

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    Easily accessible stowage options for dosing small product quantities. Everything in view, well protected.

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    The high intake capacity of the induction hopper ensures short downtimes and high daily output.

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    The lowerable induction hopper for ergonomic operation and easy filling.

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    High-performance diffusers on the wall and on the overflow ensure optimal induction.

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    The hose couplings can be controlled easily and conveniently.

A perfect concentration from start to finish

The permanent circulation through the 1" spray line feeds the solution straight to the diffuser as soon as the rotor pump is switched on, even if the diffusers are closed. Apply the right quantity and concentration of liquid across the entire working width from the very first metre. To clean the diffusers, switch the intake end of the pump over to the clean water tank, and briefly switch on the diffusers. This is how you reliably and effectively prevent deposits in the diffuser pipe and diffusers. Easy, quick, reliable – from the convenience of the operator's seat.

High-performance pump

A rotary pump with optionally self-priming unit and 785 l/min pump capacity, driven by the load-sensing hydraulics or PTO, supplies all liquid-distributing parts of the system. The flow rate of the rotary pump prevents pulsation in the lines and ensures maximum application accuracy. There are no additional hoses or relief valves which are difficult to clean on membrane pumps. Application quantities are controlled via the pump speed – quickly and efficiently – and the pump only carries the required quantity of liquid for spraying, plus the specified quantity for the agitator. This helps the Rogator 300 to respond accurately to changing application quantities and different speeds.

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