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VarioGuide Contour Assistant

The VarioGuide Contour Assistant adds Contour Segments and Single Track to the existing VarioGuide wayline types, to enhance both efficiency and convenience. After creating the contour segments, the VarioGuide system automatically selects the right segment according to direction of travel, angle and distance. Waylines can be automatically created based on the field boundary, and do not have to be changed manually. Using Single Track, all tramlines can be recorded as one contour line during plant protection. The track is recorded by driving in the tramlines, and can be used for the next application. The Contour Assistant must be made available by the traction vehicle.

Fully ISOBUS-capable

The Rogator 300 is fully ISOBUS-compatible. The ISOBUS functionality ensures that tractor and plant protection sprayer can be easily combined.

Very efficient operation

All machine functions can be operated from the Varioterminal 10.4” in combination with a Fendt tractor, with an additional terminal as an option. Our multifunction joystick offers you exceptional comfort and convenience, and is specially optimised for use with our plant protection technology. This allows you to conveniently control all sprayer functions via easily accessible buttons. The optional cameras give you perfect all-round visibility, right around the machine. The customised display gives all the key information you need at a glance.

Headland management

Headland management activates a range of functions at the touch of a single button. Turn the application process, OptiSonic boom control, boom flushing, rear axle control on/off, or switch to cruise control and the VarioGuide guidance system. All this helps take the stress out of your working day. If field boundaries are stored, there’s no risk that application of liquid will start if the boom moves beyond the field boundary. Even if the run-out limits are unclear or if you work at night, you’ll only treat your target area.

Optimal integration into the existing ISOBUS systems.

The Fendt Varioterminal gives you a perfect overview of your Rogator 300 with all relevant machine functions, SectionControl including coverage map, as well as other configurable functions.

OptiControl joystick for even more operating comfort.

Each operator has his own demands of the machine controls. Thanks to the Aux-N protocol for individual joystick button assignment, your Rogator 300 controls can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit your individual needs.

Smart solutions, to ensure success.

Section engagement for increased efficiency

The automatic section engagement facility is absolutely essential for those who need 100% efficiency. Valuable liquids are not used twice on the same area, but there’s also no overlapping or gaps. This applies to large areas as well as to smaller, winding run-outs. The TC-SC (TaskController SectionControl) takes over the automatic engagement of sections depending on the GPS position and the required degree of overlapping. SectionControl can also produce higher yields whilst saving 5 to 15% of the spray liquid costs. All key functions such as switch to clean water, internal cleaning or switch off agitator can be controlled directly from the cab.

VariableRateControl (VRC)

VariableRateControl (VRC) shows its strength when it comes to precise dosing of liquids. TC-GEO (TaskController Geobased variable) provides you with the option of working with location-specific application maps, and of recording the applied quantities in your field database. For best effect, transfer the relevant application maps to the terminal via USB, Bluetooth or mobile network before application. The exact application quantity is then transmitted to the Rogator 300 via the ISOBUS interface. VRC can be used to avoid returning to the yard with leftover liquid, which can otherwise be laborious to deal with, and can assist to source pesticides more efficiently. This service must be made available by the traction vehicle.

Tractor Implement Management (TIM)

The sprayer controls the speed in combination with an activated TIM-enabled traction vehicle. The speed is controlled so that the pressure is optimised at all times for a specific diffuser combination.

Active TIM control lets the driver adjust the speed using the specified speed settings. If the speed setting and with it the diffuser combination is changed, the speed is automatically adjusted to the target figure.


With the aid of OptiNozzle, the Rogator 300 selects the diffuser or diffuser combination that best matches the road speed, based on the required drift reduction. If the operator accelerates, the pressure in the system also changes automatically. In order that the drift does not change if the speed changes, the diffusers are combined accordingly. This system can help realise high road speeds through use of diffusers, and all this without losing the overview of the drift.

Using the Varioterminal, you can clearly see the status of individual sections in 3 fields and of the Rogator 300, the map with the worked area, and the current status of VarioGuide.

With the help of your compatible field database, simply plan your liquid application in detail in the application map before starting work, and transfer it using the TC-GEO ISOBUS standard. All this is not magic, but is simply the most efficient way to work your land.

The next step to your Fendt Rogator 300