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Full control even in difficult terrain.


Few residues remain inside the tank courtesy of the smooth, non-stick surface. Even hidden spots in the tank can be cleaned quickly and reliably with relatively little water, thanks to the six reflux hypro-rotation nozzles. The automatic tank cleaning system cleans the tank from top to bottom, or just flushes the boom. The clean water tank holds 900 litres.

Robust tanks

The spray tanks on the Rogator are made from highdensity polyethylene (HDPE). The tank’s shape is a perfect fit for the machine frame, guarantees an optimal weight distribution, and can be completely drained through a 3” transfer fitting. The filling tube stretching down to the tank floor prevents foaming. The fill level is determined by pressure sensors on the tank floor.

Unique pivot

The parallel linkage and articulation of the lift arm fitted in front of the suspended axle keep the centre frame close to the rear axle, and transfer very little chassis movement to the boom.

State-of-the-art valves

To enable the spray system to respond correctly to all requirements, we use the latest valve assembly to guide the spray from the induction hopper through the tank to the diffusers. To enhance user-friendliness, there’s an option to actuate all switching valves electrically. The 1” pressure circulation line guarantees high liquid speeds and therefore no deposits. Thanks to the high-precision flow control, the spray system can work with a wide variety of application quantities. The delivery pipes which ensure an even flow, and the few connection points, make the system extremely reliable.

Boom angling at one side to attain the ideal application height on steeply sloping terrain.

The ground contour or crop can be used as a reference for height control to precisely adjust the boom to suit your crop. A hybrid control is also possible.

The next step to your Fendt Rogator 300