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Inner values, which will convince you.

Quiet cab

The four-post cab with rollover protection (ROPS) and steep nose hood provide an excellent view in all directions. The cab is positioned high on the chassis and is shifted to the rear of the tractor in order to optimise the view of the drawbar and work area immediately behind the tractor. The driver has an unobstructed view of wider equipment thanks to the arrangement of the rear B-column. The electrically-adjustable mirrors can all be adjusted from the cab. Independent tests confirm: The Fendt 1100 Vario cab is the quietest in the highhorsepower tractor segment with 67dB (A) (profi 12/2016).

Everything at hand

The Tractor Management Centre (TMC) comprises the right armrest, control elements and display and serves as the control centre of the tracked tractor. Thanks to TMC, the operator can make all the tractor settings comfortably and control nearly all the functions centrally. The TMC armrest is attached to the right of the seat and follows its movements so that the operator always has all the control elements comfortably at hand. The driving direction is determined by pulling the gear selection lever back and forth. The gears are easily shifted using push buttons on the selection lever. Clearly labelled toggle switches are available for hydraulic valves.

Ergonomically designed

The operator enjoys a combination of comfort and functionality inside the cab. The insulated cab and airsprung air-ride seat makes work a pleasantly quiet driving experience and the new air conditioning system with TXV expansion valve provides the right temperature. The new sound absorber reduces noise pollution for the operator and the surroundings.

Information centre

The TMC display (Tractor Management Centre) is an interactive colour monitor. It provides the driver with an overview of all the important tractor data. At the same time the driver can adjust many tractor functions using push buttons and knobs while working. This way, the TMC display can communicate with the ISOBUS attachments quickly and easily and operate them. The TMC display has a connection to a rear view camera.

The TMC display permits tractor and attachment settings by operating buttons and the rotating wheel.

Clearly arranged toggle switches make operation easy.

The straightforward dashboard provides an overview of numerous functions.

There is an additional C3000 display for automatic steering and for better display.

The ladder is automatically folded upwards during the ride.

The efficient automatic air conditioning system provides the right temperature.