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My partner – simply makes me feel good.

The Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario cab, specially designed for this class, provides a top quality work space: unparalleled legroom with no obstacles and a perfect panoramic overview. All working and operating functions are integrated into a central operating concept on the right-hand side. The tilting and height-adjustable steering wheel is used to adjust the seat position to best suit your needs.

Perfect work environment

The efficient heating and ventilation system with integral manual or automatic air-conditioning ensures an optimum working environment. Warm feet – cool head:

The hot water heater with optional electric floor heater even warms your feet on extremely cold days, whilst the air conditioning system fitted in the cab roof ensures a pleasant temperature in the cab when it’s hot outside

Best visibility in all directions

The extensive glazing, the narrow steering column and the roof window gives you a clear view of your implements. All switches and buttons are backlit and glarefree for easy visibility in the dark. The ambient interior

lighting allows you to check the unlit controls of your implements at night.

Quiet cab

Decoupling the cab and tractor body with conical bearings prevents vibrations and noise being transferred to the cab. The extremely well insulated cab and the watercooled engine, which is extremely smooth-running at low engine speeds, ensure optimum noise reduction.

For use in hothouses or in restricted spaces, Fendt offers variants without a roof and with a roll bar.

Comfortable, ergonomic control and the compact size go hand in hand in the Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario. All controls are arranged without easy reach on the righthand side.

The extensive glazing and narrow steering column allow an excellent view to implements at all times. When working overhead, e.g. in hop fields, the roof window provides ideal visibility.

The steering console is adjustable in width and is adapted to your seat position.

All options for a pleasant working climate are provided by the ventilation, floor heater and automatic climate control.

The roof window’s sun shade protects against dazzling sunlight.

Clear, interference-free phone calls can be made via Bluetooth using the hands-free speaking system.



Bright LED work lights in the front roof section have a long range.

  • Mosaic

    Bright LED work lights in the front roof section have a long range.

  • Mosaic

    Retain an overview of the implements at the back of the roof with the LED work lights.

  • Mosaic

    The indicator and clearance lights are neatly integrated into the A-pillar.

  • Mosaic

    Integrated work lights in the A-pillar supply additional illumination of your surroundings and protect your crops.

  • Mosaic

    Two work lights can also be fitted at the front in the version with auxiliary headlights.

My partner – makes it easy for me.

Perfectly arranged controls as well as an ergonomically designed work space makes work far more efficient, and means you’ll climb off the tractor feeling relaxed at the end of a long day. A centralised operating unit with integral armrest is located on the right-hand side on all 200 Fendt V/F/P Vario models. The optional Profi package is also available depending on requirements.

Vario Joystick

The standard device is already the ideal device for easy and comfortable operation. At the core of the control concept is the Vario joystick which is optimally adapted to the continuously variable transmission. The Vario Joystick controls the gearbox and cruise control, activates the engine speed memory, and activates the signal sockets (3 and 4) to control e.g. electric solenoid valves on your implement.

For bigger challenges: the Profi package

The Profi package leaves no wishes open and offers extensive application options for professional operations. This enhanced equipment level includes additional control valve functions and automated functions for the rear power lift and rear PTO, which are controlled with the multi-function joystick. Always maintain control of your key functions, and operate your Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario without constantly changing hands.

Sensitive controls

The crossgate lever next to the joystick permits sensitive control of the first and second control valves. The third to fifth control valves are controlled with three linear modules, which are conveniently located in front of the armrest. The PTO controls also lie well within reach. Plastic foil buttons engage and disengage the PTO and PTO automatic mode. The EHR controls and keypad for hydraulic side and tilt adjustment of the rear power lift, are also easily accessible in the right-hand control panel.

On the dashboard, you can quickly and easily operate the multiple display, comfort engagement for 4WD, differential lock and front axle suspension as well as the Tractor Management System TMS.

The Stop & Go function on the reverse gear stick brings the Fendt V/F/P Vario to a stop, and accelerates it in the direction in which the button was activated.