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The ideal engine for your farm.

High on torque, efficient and clean

With up to 687 Nm (516 Vario), the dynamic, high-torque 4-cylinder engine is tried and tested for all kinds of work in the power segment with a maximum output of 131 to 171 hp. The 4-valve technology with common rail injection enables efficient fuel consumption for the best overall efficiency. With the combination of the SCR exhaust after-treatment and CSF passive diesel particulate filter, the Fendt 500 Vario complies with the latest emissions standard Stage 5 / Tier 4 final and boasts an especially economical diesel and AdBlue consumption. The aluminium pistons also have a special remelted bowl edge for maximum stability and durability.

Powerful cooling to unleash more power

Areas that develop a lot of heat need to be cooled accordingly. Radiator, intercooler, transmission oil and fuel cooler form a highly efficient cooler unit for an efficient and powerful engine. The powerful water pumps delivers 312 l/min for ideal engine cooling. The additional fuel cooler allows for an even more effective use of energy, because cooler fuel produces more power. Together with the engine oil heat exchanger, the engine runs at particularly low temperatures. This means the Fendt 500 Vario delivers the best performance, even under extremely high temperatures.

Powerful, quiet and efficient in the neutral Profi Test (7-2017):
Along with DLG, the neutral testers from the specialist farming magazine put the 514 Vario through its paces. Their verdict was this: "At 4.1l the 4-cylinder is powerful, quiet and efficient. The DLG tests on the PTO brake showed off the best side of the 514 unit. Of the 99 kW rated engine power, almost 94 kW were felt at the stub. At maximum speed, it was a very decent 101 kW." And the testers' verdict on diesel consumption? "259 g/kWh or even just 232 g/kWh at the PTO is phenomenal, with only 10 g/kWh AdBlue on top of that".

Efficient exhaust technology:
The exhaust after-treatment and diesel particulate filter reliably clean the exhaust, reduce AdBlue consumption and ensure a long lifetime with low operating costs. The external exhaust gas recirculation (EGRex) already reduces nitrogen oxides before they reach the exhaust line, so less AdBlue is required. The passive diesel particulate filter (Coated Soot Filter, CSF) cleans unburned hydrocarbons and particulate matter out of the exhaust. The integrated heat management system regenerates the diesel particulate filter (CSF) automatically while driving.

The high-performance air filter on the Fendt 500 Vario has a long filter life thanks to a precleaner, and is easy to access for maintenance work. It has a particularly effective position in the low-dust area behind the cooler unit.

The Fendt 500 Vario reaches its top speed of 50 km/h at a low engine speed of 1,700 rpm, with 40 km/h achieved at a low, quiet 1,400 rpm.

The 500 Vario has a 298 l capacity diesel tank which can work extensively without stopping. The AdBlue Tank is fully integrated into the diesel tank and holds 31 litres. Both tanks can be filled from the same side.

Information at a glance – e.g. via the consumption indicator on the terminal.

Engine characteristics – Fendt 516 Vario

687 Nm torque, 171 hp maximum output at 1,900 rpm.

Enjoy and benefit from Vario added power.

Vario added power – up to 7% savings on working time and up to 9% less diesel

The extra power of the Fendt Vario comes from always working at the perfect speed and optimum efficiency to achieve maximum area coverage. It taps into power reserves that quick shift gears just can't touch. Independent tests* show that this saves you up to 7 % in working hours* and up to 9% diesel* compared to shift gears, depending on the type of farm. For a 100 ha forage farm, that's up to 46 working hours over 6 working days and 14,500 litres of diesel** saved over 7,000 operating hours. In terms of cash benefits with the continuous system, that's over €30,000**! Trust the expertise gained through more than 250,000 assembled gearboxes.

* Landwirtschaftliches Wochenblatt Westfalen-Lippe, 5-2001; 100 ha forage farm;

** Own calculations: 165 hp tractor, 700 operating hours per year – runtime 10 years/7,000 operating hours; average consumption 25 l diesel / operating hours; saved operating costs: Rental costs for a 165-hp tractor – €24/operating hour *** (machine ring adjustment rates 165 hp – http://www.mr-bayreuth.de/images/inhalte/ verrechnungsheft2018.pdf; 460 operating hours = €15,360/7,000 operating hours

Perfect handling: Continuous at 20 m/h:
From a dead slow 20 m/h up to 50km/h, work with continuous power transmission without changing gears. Even on slopes you can come to a smooth standstill thanks to the active stop control – and accelerate gently and without any jolting. This protects you and your soil.

Reverse without changing gears, and with 2 cruise controls:
Stepless, wear-free reverse for even easier handling – optionally via joystick on the right or the reversing lever with integrated holding function below the steering wheel on the left. Excellent support especially during loading work. With 2 cruise controls, you can save 2 speeds and retrieve them at any time.

Driving pedal or joystick control: The driving mode can be selected individually: The speed can be controlled with either the pedal or the joystick. Change drive direction either with the joystick or the reverser lever with integral stop and go function.

Wear-free reversing with neutral and Stop and Go. Constant power transfer – for smooth, soil-protecting acceleration.

Exclusive and particularly practical: The indicator reset has 3 trigger settings: steering angle, time and speed.

Three-speed rear PTO with 1000 E economy PTO

The direct force path from the engine to the PTO stub means the 500 Vario, with its 3 PTO speeds, transmits power to the PTO with exceptional efficiency. The optional 1000E PTO – delivering 1000 rpm with just 1,540 engine turns – can save you 7% on fuel.

Triple PTO with start-up control and lift height-dependent PTO automatic mode – easily preset electro-hydraulically on the membrane keypad, the start-up control ensures a gentle, implement-friendly startup. Another benefit is the PTO automatic mode, which conveniently switches on and off the PTO depending on the lifting height.

The ingenious Fendt Vario transmission is a hydrostaticmechanical power split drive. The PTO stub rotates freely.

The perfect duo: TMS and automatic maximum load system 2.0

The tractor management system TMS controls the engine and transmission so that they are always effortlessly working at their best. You just have to specify the desired speed. Then there's the automatic maximum load control, which sets the engine pressure according to power requirements. This means the engine works at its ideal speed range. Operators can adjust the maximum output control manually. With kick-down mode you can start off like driving an automatic car.

You can easily adjust the transmission functions on the armrest, e.g. the driving pedal range with the rotary control. TMS, 4WD and PTO speed with a click on the keypad. The PTO preset and auto functions are marked in yellow.

Ahead of the rest in more ways than one.

The superior driving and working comfort of an HGV:
The intelligent combination of three systems guarantees maximum ride and operating comfort: selflevelling front axle suspension with anti-roll control, cab suspension and active shock load stabilising.

Safe driving even with high payloads:
The 500 Vario is based on a robust half-frame, which is designed for a permissible overall weight of 10,500 kg and a high payload of over 4,000 kg. The space-saving half-frame design creates the space required for the suspension with longitudinal arm, which provides especially high ride comfort.

Front axle suspension – Up to 7% more area coverage and couldn't be easier

The self-levelling front axle suspension with 80 mm suspension guarantees optimum traction and increases your area coverage by up to 7%. The ever powerful Vario drive also delivers the best driving safety even on hillsides or with front loader use.

Self-levelling with full control:
The integral automatic self-levelling with position sensor guarantees constant suspension comfort for any load. The suspension can be completely deactivated at the touch of a button for work that requires particular accuracy and precision, like loading.

Smart 4WD and automatic differential lock:
The automatic steering and speed-dependent system for 4WD and the rear multi-disk differential lock is a huge help on the headland. Depending on the requirements, both systems are switched on or off depending on steering angle or speed. The result is ultimate tractive power and soil protection with full manoeuvrability.

The automatic steering axle lock unlocks the steering axle at a predefined speed on trailers with self-steering axles. On straight stretches, the locked self-steering axle ensures stable handling. Operators do not need to lock the self-steering axle manually outside of the preselected speed range or when reversing.*


Superior manoeuvrability: Profi, the specialist farming magazine, praised the unrivalled turning circle of just 11.10 m (Issue 7/2017).

High payload of almost 4 tonnes: Thanks to the robust half-frame, an overall weight of 10.5 t is permissible, of which 8.5 t are for the rear axle alone. According to the Profi test results of 7/2017, this leaves room for an "impressive 3.9 t payload".

The integrated shock load stabilising prevents the tractor and implement from bouncing by actively counteracting movements using the hydraulics. It reduces pitching movements so you benefit from improved steering safety and higher ride comfort.*


Smart assistants for even more safety

The 500 Vario features 2 active assistants for deceleration and brake lights, for even more driving safety. Any deceleration of the vehicle even without braking triggers the brake light indicator and provides faster early detection for the traffic behind you. By detecting thrust, the deceleration assist ensures increased driving stability and flexibly adjusts the deceleration when driving with a trailer attached. This also ensures less load on the drive train and a long service life.

Fendt Reaction steering for safe straight-ahead driving: This exclusive Fendt steering system enables particularly sensitive and safe control and has excellent responses for safe straight-ahead driving.

At the headland or during front loading work, you benefit from VarioActive steering, reaching a full wheel turn with just one steering wheel rotation. Up to 8km/h the superimposed steering system is unrestricted, from 8 to 18 km/h the superimposition effect is linear.*


The next step to your Fendt 500 Vario