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More Grip - All the traction you need.

Full power

The challenge with large tractors is to transfer enormous tractive force to the ground. Full traction with maximum soil protection is a top priority. The Fendt 900 Vario is ready for more grip. We have a number of options to make your tractor perfect for your needs.

Fendt VarioGrip with Fendt Grip Assistant

With the integrated tire pressure regulation system, Fendt VarioGrip, the tire pressure can be adjusted with just one click in the Varioterminal. The Fendt Grip Assistant supports you with specific ballast, giving both the right tire pressure and the ideal work speed. Then you have Fendt Grip Assistant to calculate the best ballast depending on the attachment.​

Ready for any job

With the Fendt 900 Vario you can choose between a flange axle and a bar axle (98.4” or 118”), depending on your requirements. With the bar axle you can adjust the track setting. Increase the traction power with larger tires. The 750/70 R44 wide metric tire, specially developed for the 900 Vario, has an impressive diameter of 85.8 inches.

Versatile tire options:​

Row Crop Duals

Metric Singles

Metric Duals

Ballast and wheel weights

Choose between four different ballast weights (1,918 lb to 5,512 lb) for front and rear work, as well as four different wheel weights (663 lb to 2,756 kg) on each side.

Front weights

5,512 lb (2,500 kg)

3,986 lb (1,800 kg)

2,756 lb (1,250 kg)

1,918 lb (870 kg)

Wheel weights

2 x 663 lb (300 kg)

2 x 1,433 lb (650 kg)

2 x 2,205 lb (1,000 kg)

2 x 2,755 lb (1,250 kg)

It’s Fendt. It’s Time.