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It's a perfect wrap.

Made for you

Designed for the highest demands, super gentle and extra powerful – the Fendt Rollector 160 is the single round bale wrapper for the best feed quality. The Rollector 160 makes light work of wrapping 1.25 m to 1.60 m diameter round bales. The stable frame promises that all-important durability. The slimeline drawbar design guarantees outstanding manoeuvrability. Its straightforward design gives you a great view of the wrapping process at all times. And you have the option to transport up to two bales on your Rollector. One on the wrapping table and one on the pickup arm.

From pickup to active drop

The Rollector 160 efficiently picks up bales with its stable hydraulic loading arm. Both the loading arm and the wrapping table can be adapted to different bales. It can wrap 1.25m-1.60m diameter bales. You can also vary the number of film layers and choose between two different film widths. The wrapping table automatically sets the required number of turns and ensures that the plastic overlaps properly. Our innovative film pre-stretching system saves on film every time. The height-adjustable film roll holder with quick-clamping system makes light work of changing the film The Rollector 160 is equipped with a bale unloading table for active dropping – this effectively avoids damage to the film. There is also an optional bale tipper to drop the bale at the front.

Maximum control

The Fendt Rollector is equipped with E-Link Plus for maximum ease of use. From loading to gentle bale drops – all automated at the push of a button. The bale counter stores up to 10 different jobs. And E-Link Plus has an extremely clear daily counter.

Good to go

Did you know? There's no need to switch from working position to transport position on the Rollector 160, as the machine has a balancing weight on the left side of the frame. The machine width still measures only a slim 2.30 m.

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Fendt Rollector

Fendt Rollector

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