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Difficult work is made easy.

Ready-to-use with ISOBUS Development of the Fendt Squadra 1290 UD square baler has focused largely on the electronics. The entire baler is controlled via ISOBUS, Meaning that the re-designed and intuitive user interface can be conveniently used via the Fendt Varioterminal or any other ISOBUS-capable terminal. Many functions can be enabled using the joystick depending on the tractor.

Well-thought-out design

The Fendt Squadra comes in a new and progressive design that reflects the need for performance, quality and maintenance friendliness. The side panels, which can be swivelled upwards, provide ideal accessibility for maintenance. Even the dust-proof twine boxes can be swivelled upwards for maintenance. Due to the flat storage of the twine, you always get an excellent overview of the twine quantity and ties. The filling process is simple and convenient. In addition to the durable design of the tracks and drives, the automatic knotter lubrication and the new automatic track lubrication are also maintenance-friendly features.

Simply easy

The operator can see the baler menu as a full screen or partial screen on the Varioterminal. All functions can be controlled and monitored using the new BaleCreate user interface. The operator can adjust the set point value of the plunger load to be reached. The machine automatically takes over the control of bale chamber

flaps. An electrical bale length adjustment is provided as a standard feature. The operator sets the desired length of the bale and the automatic unit triggers the knotting process. This enables a quick change between different lengths and is of particular interest to baling contractors. The operator can use the terminal to set the lubrication intervals of knotters, create tasks, read the number of bales and configure bale chamber settings.

The perfect operating concept

The Varioterminal 9 with touchscreen comes as standard, with its clear layout. The operator can always access a separate terminal. There are more displays to choose from, with direct access for ease-of-use. The Home menu gives an overview of the entire baler and pistons. You can see all settings of individual components at a glance.

Thanks to ISOBUS-capability, it can also be easily operated from the Fendt Vario-terminal.

The standard Varioterminal 9 offers you the customary Fendt operating convenience. If the tractor is not ISOBUS-capable or if the operator wants a separate terminal, he/she can always fall back on the Varioterminal 9.

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Fendt Squadra 1290 UD

Fendt Squadra 1290 UD

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