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Fendt Tigo: Lifts you to the next level of harvesting technology.

Optimum pick-up power with extended pick-up

The advanced pick-up of the Fendt Tigo makes your forage wagon more efficient. The Fendt Tigo has seven rows of tines and a width of 1.90 m (PR) / 2,00 m (VR) / 2.20 m (XR), for clean raking results. The small diameter of the pick-up gives the tines a high peripheral speed. The pick-up is close to the rotor on the Fendt Tigo – for a fluid and clean crop flow. This gives you excellent raking performance and feed delivery to the cutting rotor even with short, dry grass. The Tigo XR comes with a hydraulic pick-up drive as standard. The Tigo PR offers the option of a hydraulic, extra-wide pick-up with a working width of 2 metres. This is fitted with a maintenance-free, chain-less drive with continuously variable speed settings. Top-class efficiency

Smooth results

A successful harvest all comes down to the best possible pick-up. To help with this, the Fendt Tigo features plastic strips between the pick-up tines. In wet or dry conditions, the plastic keeps the friction low and the individual wrappers are less prone to contamination. Both cleanliness as well as efficiency are of importance in Fendt Tigo. For this, the roller pressure pad evenly presses on the swath and simultaneously supports the conveyor effect of the pick-up. The interplay of the roller pressure pad with the strip plate from the individual metal rods reduces the friction and secures a smooth crop flow.

A constant contact pressure is guaranteed with the integrated hydraulic pick-up release system. The improved ground contour preserves the pick-up and the turf. You can choose to fit the system at a later date.

The trailing feeler wheels of the advanced pick-up release it on corners and can be turned. Adjust the height of the wheels with a series of holes.

Preserve the sward with perfect ground following

The sensing roller protects the pick-up against piercing in the ground through clear guidance. It maintains the appropriate ground clearance even in hard and uneven ground conditions and skates around the dirt. Thanks to the intelligent technology, it provides support only when necessary and does not run permanently. You can individually set the sensing roller depending on the harvest conditions. Apart from optimum feed quality, the Fendt Tigo also takes care of soil protection. The adjustable, castor-steered gauge wheels support the pick-up and also protect the sward even when making tight turns in the field.

The pick-up, placed centrally behind the sensing roller, constantly maintains the set ground clearance and guarantees safe guiding of the pick-up even on hard ground conditions.

All under control!

The drawbar position control of the Fendt Tigo takes care of an accurate loading position control. A sensor measures the pick-up movement and readjusts the drawbar. The advantage for you? A consistently constant feed opening and full crop flow even at high road speed.

The Fendt Tigo gives you the freedom you need.

The right gap

So you can quickly move in and out of the field during harvest time, the Fendt Tigo offers a generous ground clearance of 80 cm. The high ground clearance is set at the touch of a button, and the drawbar swung out to its maximum extent, Meaning that even rough terrain is no

problem, especially during the maize harvest.

Full steam ahead

The hitches on the Fendt Tigo enable you to make best use of large loading volumes, and to load a bumper crop. The Tigo PR series is equipped as standard with a drawbar for a clevis-type hitch, which gives you a drawbar load of 2 tonnes. The Fendt Tigo XR and VR come as standard with a hydraulically sprung drawbar and bottom hitch with K80 ball coupling. The 4 tonne drawbar with hydraulically sprung drawbar on the Tigo XR is also available as an option for the Tigo PR. The streamlined drawbar design allows the maximum steering angle even with large tractor wheel treads.

The drawbar suspension of the Fendt Tigo gives you even more ride comfort.

An adaptable steering system

With the hydraulic or electronic forced steering system with offset steering, each steering movement of the tractor is transferred to the trailer. The Fendt Tigo therefore allows you to reverse with active steering axles without locking them manually. It also improves road safety, as the loading wagon runs right on track behind the tractor and is prevented from swaying and swerving on turns and corners. The wagons are fitted as standard with a self-steering axle. The smart, streamlined drawbar design also allows a steering angle of 60° even in forced steering mode.

The drawbar position control ensures that the set opening angle of the pick-up is automatically sustained and controlled. This guarantees an even and constant crop flow without constriction, and clean raking even in hilly terrain.

The next step to your loading wagon Fendt Tigo