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Fendt Slicer Front mounted

Fendt Slicer front mowers - The frontman among mowers

Whether on a solo mower on the hillside or in the mower combination a large side shift is achieved. With versatile pendulum block or the powerful 3D pulling block. The Slicer front mowers strike the right note for everyone.

Front mowers with pendulum support - At home in all fields.

Fendt Slicer mowers with pendulum support are the Swiss Army Knives among front mowers. Through the cooperation of all properties, they play out their advantage in flexibility - both in the conditions of use and in the regions of use. They score with the optimum combination of compactness, ease of pulling and ground hugging and are an all-rounder both alone and with rear mowers.

Noticeably more efficiency

A new generation of pendulum block, innovative cutter bar technology and intelligent comfort details - these are the distinguishing features of the current 310 Slicer series. This interaction allows significant time savings in the entire harvesting process with high forage quality and the possibility of fuel-saving mowing. With the increased working width of 3.10 m, the compact mowers achieve more area output than their predecessors with less weight. Optional hydraulically folding side guards ensure quick field changes and adherence to the transport width. At the same time, the suspension centring also allows for brisk road trips without rocking.

Working width

Number Cutting discs

Slicer 310 F3,10 m 6
Slicer 310 F KC3,10 m6
Slicer 310 F RC3,10 m 6

The Slicer F models are equipped with the flat and robustly designed Fendt Streamline spur gear cutter bar. In good conditions, the PTO speed from the tractor can be reduced to 850 rpm for fuel-efficient and clean mowing.

Compact - with conditioner or without

Optionally, you can equip the Fendt Slicer F with a tine conditioner (KC) or roller conditioner (RC). For the mowers in this series, two short direct attachments have been designed to suit the individual centre of gravity - for the versions with and without conditioner. Mounting close to the tractor optimises mower guidance and reduces the load on the tractor and machinery. Both conditioners are equipped with direct power transmission via transverse cardan shafts - including overload protection, which guarantees the highest efficiency.

Soil-friendly and adapted

Due to the large pendulum travel of +/- 7.5°, the mowers follow the ground contour effortlessly. The suspension relief ensures low ground pressure. This reduces fuel consumption enormously and protects the turf. As an option, the conditioner versions can also be equipped with a hydropneumatic cutter bar relief system. In combination with the front linkage control system of the Fendt Vario tractors, the work quality is improved even further, as the cutter bar has a constant contact pressure regardless of the ground contour.

Details make the difference

The slicer models of the 310 F series are equipped with a number of details that minimise maintenance and set-up times. A decisive factor when every minute in the field is at stake in the tight harvest season.

On the left side of the mower, you have quick-change spanners and blades quickly at hand.

Easy access for maintenance and cleaning due to tool-free, hinged front guards.

Adaptable to different mounts due to three coupling points on the upper link and two on the lower link.

The summit strikers for the perfect cut.

To achieve the best results even in difficult terrain, you need adapted technique. That is why we have adapted the two disc mower models Slicer 260 FP and Slicer 260 FPS especially for alpine use. The mowers are characterised by their lightweight and compact design. This enables better track stability and less load on the rear axle and thus also more safety on slopes. With the standard change gearbox, they are suitable for tractors with both left-hand and right-hand front PTO. A 540 rpm or 1,000 rpm drive is also possible.

The hitching point is close to the tractor, so the team is safe on the road, even on steep terrain. Two springs ensure that the mower is always centred in the middle; rocking during transport and on the headland is reliably prevented.

The parallelogram headstock on the Slicer 260 FPS is infinitely variable via a double-acting control unit. Thanks to the sensitive hydraulics of the Fendt tractors, the mower pivots particularly easily over a total adjustment range of 42 cm.

For very compact mounting and use with small tractors, the Fendt Slicer 310 FPK disc mower with its specially developed, more compact pendulum frame and 3.00 m working width. This mower is ideal for use in near-alpine regions.

Front attachment with 3D drawbar - Always stay on the ground

The optimum partner for your mower combination. Three-dimensional ground hugging is not just a phrase with this front mower. The kinematics of the trailed mower are superimposed in the transverse and longitudinal directions and thus adapt precisely to the ground contour. This allows you to achieve a perfect and, above all, clean cutting pattern even in cropped terrain. The cutter bar tilt is also automatically adjusted from -6 to +15° - precisely adapted to the upward and downward movement of the mower. Your advantage: A constant cutting height and thus the highest quality forage - even under the most difficult conditions.

Working width

Number Cutting discs

Slicer 310 FQ

3,12 m6

Slicer 310 FQ KC

3,12 m6

Slicer 310 FQ RC

3,12 m6

Slicer 360 FQ***

3,62 m7

Slicer 360 FQ KC***

3,62 m7

Slicer 360 FQ RC***

3,62 m7

*** = Observe country-specific regulations

Conditioners – the choice is yours

You can opt to equip the Fendt Slicer FQ with a conditioner or use it without a conditioner, e.g. for use on low-growth areas. For perfectly dried feed and the best feed quality, you have the choice between a roller (RC) or a tine conditioner (KC). Both come with direct power transmission through overlying transmission shafts – including overload protection. This guarantees the highest level of efficiency. To respond quickly to harvesting and weather conditions, you can adjust the conditioning intensity of the tine conditioner with a 4-setting counter comb or the infinite-setting pretensioning spring on the upper roller. The swath width and distance between the tractor front wheel and the swath guide plate can be adjusted continuously.

Inspiring solutions

Because you can fit the Slicer FQ straight onto the front linkage, the centre of gravity is close to the tractor – which lowers the weight to the front axle. 3-way coupling is not necessary. For tractors without EHR you can drive the Slicer FQ in floating mode, using the support chains and with the lower links at a secured adjustment height (750 mm). The draw frame above the mower unit further increases the mower's freedom of movement. To park the front mower, just put the lockable adjustment lever in the park position.

The cutterbed-tilt automatically follows the ground contours. If the mower bar dips into a hollow, it tilts forward by up to 6° at the same time.

If the mower bar moves upwards, it automatically tilts up to 15°. This keeps the cutting height consistent and provides full sward protection.

The hydropneumatic relief using the TurboLift System is a standard feature on the Slicer FQ. You can make infinite settings, completely tool-free. This means that the footprint pressure is always perfectly adapted to the conditions at the time.

Effective mowing on slopes

So you can really reach every blade, the mower unit on the Fendt Slicer FQ can be moved hydraulically to the side (up to 20 cm left and right). This clever detail lets you move your mower against the drift of the tractor to effectively prevent losses. When using the Slicer FQ together with a butterfly combination at the rear, this side shift can effectively avoid interrupting a mowing strip on corners. This ensures a clean cut.

The next step to your Fendt Slicer

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