2018-04-04Press release

AGCO Honors its Top Suppliers during the 2018 EME Supplier Day

AGCO, Your Agriculture Company (http://www.AGCOcorp.com) (NYSE:AGCO), a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, honored its top EME Region suppliers during the annual AGCO EME Supplier Day. The event was held on March 21 at AGCO's Breganze Harvesting Facility in Italy and was run under the theme ‘WE ASPIRE IDEAL PARTNERSHIPS’.

2018-04-04Press release

AGCO Honors its Top Suppliers during the 2018 EME Supplier Day

AGCO, Your Agriculture Company (http://www.AGCOcorp.com) (NYSE:AGCO), a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, honored its top EME Region suppliers during the annual AGCO EME Supplier Day. The event was held on March 21 at AGCO's Breganze Harvesting Facility in Italy and was run under the theme ‘WE ASPIRE IDEAL PARTNERSHIPS’.

AGCO`s senior leaders presented the 2018 business plan and also shared their expectations towards the supply base. They further explained the importance for suppliers to attain ‘Preferred’ and ‘Partner’ level status to participate in additional growth through New Product Introduction, a resurging market as well as new opportunities resulting from AGCO’s strategy to consolidate and optimize its supply base and focus on Supply Chain Excellence and Partnership.

As 2018 sales projections, order intake and the overall business environment remain strong and positive, AGCO heavily relies on and challenges its supply base to ensure on-time-delivery, world class quality as well as sharing the benefits generated by improved fixed cost absorption driven by increased volumes.

AGCO honored its first three ‘Partner’ level suppliers, which is the highest relationship level a supplier can attain with AGCO, recognizing AGCO as a top customer, providing leading innovation and serving as a world-class benchmark. AGCO also awarded 20 suppliers in 8 categories for their special commitment and performance: Collaboration, Quality, Innovation, Logistics, Logistics Service, Parts, NPI and Indirect:

AGCO PARTNER level suppliers:

Trelleborg Wheel Systems

Josip T. Tomasevic, Vice President & Chief Purchasing Officer, Global Purchasing and Materials explained how Trelleborg has taken a number of strategic steps since 2012 to support AGCO as a key

customer, including the opening of new factories in China and the US, purchasing Mitas to offer more competitive tires and leveraging its manufacturing footprint to optimize production and flexibility in supply. During the recent upswing, Trelleborg has gone the extra mile to support AGCO’s sudden demand peaks while remaining flexible to changes. Trelleborg has been close to AGCO at major farm shows and sponsoring customer/dealer activities, and has provided several award winning innovations that have helped AGCO set itself apart from the competition.”

Robert Bosch GmbH

Torsten Dehner, Vice President Purchasing & Materials, EME and Global Commodity Director Powertrain & Periphery, commented: “During more than 30 years of doing business, Bosch Diesel has proven to be a strong partner to AGCO. We are proud to have partners like Bosch who recognize AGCO as strategic key customer, are proactively sharing their leading edge technologies with us and extending their product portfolio and manufacturing footprint to support AGCO´s Global demands. Bosch continuously takes efforts to offer competitive cost, and has an impressive global delivery and quality performance.”


Teuvo Mehtanen, Director Purchasing, AGCO Power, stated: “Reinz-Dichtungs-GmbH, also commercially known as Victor Reinz and part of DANA Corporation, is a company truly in the heart of AGCO, helping with its seals and gaskets to keep the pressure in the right place, the power up, the oil lock-&-tight, and the temperature steady. They give priority to AGCO, collaborate closely with AGCO Engineers and Researchers, while keeping an outstanding quality level with Year-over-Year ZERO PPM levels and ZERO non-conformances. With all required contracts in place, Reinz is a partner that has supported AGCO with state-of-the-art innovations and manufacturing processes, a partner who has aligned with AGCO in tough head-wind-markets.”

Supplier of the Year – Collaboration:

Danfoss Power Solutions

Wolfgang Geiger, Director Purchasing, Germany and Global Commodity Director Electric/Electronic Systems & Hydraulics, commented: “Danfoss has proven to be well aligned with the needs of AGCO. During difficult times in the AG industry, Danfoss continued to support AGCO and meet AGCO’s needs. The processes that have been established between both companies are working well and are solution-oriented. Danfoss have excellent production processes, excellent quality standards and excellent delivery standards. Danfoss has proven to be a strong partner to AGCO and agreed in 2012 to establish an LTA with AGCO with continuous cost reduction.”

Further award winners in the Collaboration category are:

  • Erkunt Sanayi A.S.
  • Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co KG

Supplier of the Year – Innovation:

Faster SPA

Leonardo Ungaretti, Director, Engineering Gold Harvesting, Product Engineering, explained: “We are proud to have suppliers like Faster, who recognize AGCO as development partners and are able and willing to share some of their leading technologies with us. They are very innovative and supported us with leading edge technology on the AutoDock® development for the IDEAL combine. They have proven to be a fast and dynamic supplier, with a fast reaction time supporting the Engineering team. The parts deliveries for all prototype builds, Pre-Series and Start of Production have been on time.”

Further award winners in the Innovation category are:

  • NAF Neunkirchener Achsenfabrik AG
  • Comer Industries SPA

Supplier of the Year – Quality:

Alfagomma Hydraulic SPA

Sabrina Cegalin, Supervisor, Quality Supply & System, AGCO Breganze commented: “Alfagomma not only delivers a high level of quality but also extraordinary service and professional communication. Their response time is almost instant and they are always proactive by nature. But what makes Alfagomma different and outstanding from other suppliers is that they have a very high technical knowhow of their commodity. They have fine-tuned their PPAP process so well, that they have performed 99% PPAP Right First Time for IDEAL. The team at Alfagomma is very professional and customer oriented.”

Further award winners in the Quality category are:

  • Witzenmann Rohrtechnik
  • Shapers' France

Supplier of the Year – Logistics:

MSK Plast Oy

Greg Toornman, Director, Global Materials, Logistics & Freight Management, commented: “Together with MSK, we are looking back on more than 50 years of working relationship, which has developed from shipping simple parts into the just-in-sequence delivery of fully configured complex sub-assemblies that define the look and feel of our products. Despite this complexity, MSK Plast has delivered high OTD performance and excellent quality.”

Further award winners in the Logistics category are:

  • Camozzi GmbH
  • Wabco

Supplier of the Year – Best Logistics Service Provider:

Döderlein Spedition GmbH

Buelent Ileri, Director, Supply Chain & Logistics, EME stated: “Döderlein is a more than 150 years old family-owned logistics company that has been absolutely committed to AGCO for years. Entrepreneurial thinking is definitely part of their company DNA. With this, our logistics challenges have become their own challenges. With this mindset they drive customized solutions that are implemented fast, sustainably and competitively. The on-time performance of their more than 7000 deliveries in 2017 has been

continuously above 99%. This not only shows that they are in full control of their planning, but also demonstrates that they are going the extra mile.”

Supplier of the Year – Parts:

M. Barnwell Services Ltd

Richard Belden, Senior Manager, Purchasing & Strategic Sourcing Global Parts, explained: “Our relationship with M. Barnwell Services started in 1987, through the Massey Ferguson Parts Division, and has continued to strengthen over the following 31 years. Pro-active and service oriented, they have supported AGCO Parts with a 95% or greater delivery performance for the last 25 years, and have won the AGCO Parts Supplier Awards on four previous occasions. In 2017 M. Barnwell Services supported over 2500 Purchase Order Lines to our EME and NA Distribution Centers with an ‘on-time-delivery’ performance of 100%. This enabled a First Fill service provision on their portfolio of parts to our Dealer Network of 99.8%.”

Supplier of the Year – NPI:

PKC Group

Mauro Garcin, Director, Global NPI/Advanced Purchasing, commented: “Particularly on the IDEAL program, PKC has risen to the task to deliver high quality wiring harnesses from conception through development stages, always standing up to every challenge, utilizing their global network of Engineering and Manufacturing to support AGCO. They were pre-selected in early concept phases thanks to a competitive but robust and complete offer. They supported each wave of the development and building phase evolving the designs while at the same time developing the manufacturing footprint. They have shown customer orientation, quickly reacting to issues and always working on the solutions before discussing the implications. They have demonstrated a ‘nothing is too much’ attitude, even in a high-changes environment such as the IDEAL development program.”

Further award winners in the NPI category are:

  • Polirim SRL
  • Komas Oy

Supplier of the Year – Indirect:

SDL plc

Beatrice Walker, Director, Global Commodity Indirect Goods and Services, commented: “Since the start of our relationship in 2005, SDL has been supporting AGCO with reliable and quality translation services, as well as a mix of technologies, tools & methods that have helped make AGCO’s creation and ordering processes stable and effective. SDL has proven to be flexible and always striving for continuous improvement. This was demonstrated by the implementation of Intelligent Machine Translation, which led to faster data processing and significant cost reductions, and helped AGCO get to market faster. We are very proud to present our Indirect Supplier of the Year Award to SDL and look forward to a long-lasting collaboration in the future.”

Further award winners in the Indirect category are:

  • Air Liquid Group
  • Concentra

During the Supplier Day, it was also announced that Torsten Dehner, Vice President Purchasing & Materials, EME & Global Commodity Director Powertrain & Periphery, has been promoted to Vice President, Global Parts and EME Parts & Services effective April 2018. His successor as Vice President Purchasing & Materials, EME will be Konstantin Meier-Kulenkampff, while Mauro Garcin will take over the role of Global Commodity Director Powertrain & Periphery, in addition to his Global NPI/Adv. Purchasing and Supplier Innovation responsibilities.