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knife drum

Largest knife drum on the market
Cuts really well: the knife drum has a diameter of 720 mm, the Fendt Katana has the largest bladed drum on the market. The V-shaped blades perform at up to 23,000 cuts/min. (40-blade drum) a particularly high cutting frequency
20-blade drum
  • Grassland drum for long chop lengths in grass and e.g. miscanthus from 5.2 – 29 mm
  • Quiet running even with very long chop lengths; ideal for pure loading when a short chop length is not the main focus
Fendt Katana 20-chopping cylinder
28-blade drum
  • Large cutting length range with one drum
  • Half blade set easily possible with chop lengths from 7.4 – 41.4 mm
  • With full set of blades chop lengths from 3.7 – 20.7 mm
  • All-purpose drum for a wide range of applications
Fendt Katana 28-chopping cylinder
40-blade drum
  • Even shorter cutting lengths possible for better gas yield and higher throughput in biogas plants, 2.6 – 14.5 mm
  • Higher throughput with short chop lengths compared to the standard chopping drum
  • Substrate can be compacted even better for lower silage losses
Fendt Katana 40-chopping cylinder
Protection against foreign bodies:
There is a large distance between the metal detector and the knife drum to allow enough time for metal objects to be detected, even with long cutting lengths. In the event of foreign bodies in the feed area, the main drive is automatically stopped immediately, reliably avoiding costly repairs to the machine.