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Comfort front power lift

Three front power lift versions to suit every task
The power lift with vibration damping is available as standard, with position control as well as an exclusive version with position and load relief control. This means you can optimise the quality of your feed. With load relief control, you can define the field pressure in the terminal for balanced implement driving. This is a great help with a front mower, because the implement follows the ground contour precisely, at a constant height. No need for conventional relief springs. The weight transferred from the implement to the front axle simultaneously increases traction and prevents drift on the hillside. Research studies confirm that this optimises the feed quality, as the raw ash content in the feed decreases if the sward is not pierced. For winter work with a snow plough, the constant field pressure control provides uniform clearing results.

The front power lift is fully integrated and sits tight against the vehicle. This keeps the linked machines highly manoeuvrable. The lower links have a low bottom grip and can be folded for parking. Bellows protect the lifting cylinders against stone impact. The vibration damping fitted as standard prevents bounce and guarantees safe driving and comfort.
Fendt 200 Vario with Fendt Slicer in steep grassland mowing the field.