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Perfect bales every time.

More secure

Thanks to the completely revamped patented double knotter system, the Fendt Squadra 1290 UD guarantees secure binding at maximum baling pressures. The knotter beaks are large and strong, and form a bigger opening for more space when placing and reliably holding the twine. You can therefore tie each of the bales securely. The square baler with only 6 knotters ensures less wear and excellent reliability. Trust is good, monitoring is better. Therefore, the electronic star wheel sensor installed at the centre of the baling channel measures the bale length, and automatically triggers the knotting process when the length set by you is reached.


Debris has no chance with the Fendt Squadra. The cleanliness of the double knotter is improved due to the revamped cross-flow fan. Air is constantly fed over, under and along the knotters in order to better remove the infiltrating dirt. The large maintenance hood and the foldable cross-flow fan ensure easyaccess.

More durability

During the harvest you want to spend as little time on maintenance as possible. This is why the bearings in the knotter area are optimally sealed and protected. The central lubrication unit continuously supplies oil to the knotters. The Vario terminal in the tractor can be used to adjust lubrication intervals and the time needed to carry out the work as per the respective working conditions.

Tear resistant.

Why there are only 6 double knotters? The concept developed by Fendt saves space and makes your square baler considerably more accessible. Furthermore, it reduces your costs since less maintenance is needed due to there only being 6 knotters and even the wear and twine usage are considerably lower. In addition, it simplifies your work and saves time since fewer settings need to be configured and refilling is also required more rarely thanks to the EasyFill twine box with 36 twine spools. Consistent implementation of the unique Ultra Density concept has necessitated the development of a new twine generation, UD twine. The new twine is no wider, but is much more stable and tear-resistant and is therefore highly reliable.


Fewer maintenance activities due to optimal knotter lubrication.

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    The EasyFill twine boxes can be easily filled from the ground. The layout of rollers in 2 rows gives you an ideal overview of the stock and excellent accessibility on work days.

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    Fewer maintenance activities due to optimal knotter lubrication.

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    The standard cross-flow fan ensures a permanent air flow across the entire knotter area and it removes all foreign bodies from the knotter area.

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    Two knots are tied in each knotting process. Thanks to the double knotter system, the twine holders and the reinforced needles are only loaded during the knotting process. Alternatively, you can also process standard twines if you do not want extremely compressed bales.

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