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Good design makes work easier.

Optimal cooling – fast maintenance

The cooler unit ensures reliable cooling of the engine, hydraulics and air-conditioning. The air intake screen on the cooler unit keeps the system clean – even in very dusty conditions. For easy cleaning, you just need to lift up the intake screen. The platform ensures you have safe access.

Intelligently placed

The few lubrication points can be accessed very easily for fast and easy maintenance. The engine air filter and the tanks and filler necks for the various operating fluids are also optimally placed. Large side flaps offer easy access to the machine components for daily maintenance or quick monitoring.

Reliability and durability

Each component was designed for maximum durability and a long lifetime. In particular, the components that are in direct contact with the crop have been strengthened and are made of wear-resistant materials.

Plenty of space in the engine compartment

Lubrication manifold

Top up fuel

Check fill levels

Clean air filter

Best accessibility through the large one-part side panels

Chopper settings

Remove the sieves

MCS Plus settings

Packed with power – best service.

Modern 6-cylinder

The L-Series is equipped with modern 6-cylinder engines from AGCO Power. With a 7.4 l cubic capacity, the common rail high pressure injection system and 4-valve technology, they deliver a maximum output of 243 HP (5255 L) and 306 HP (6275 L).

SCR – fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly

In the L-Series, Fendt also uses the fuel-efficient SCR technology, where exhaust gas is after-treated with a urea solution, for compliance with the newest emissions standards. This not only significantly reduces particulate matter and CO₂ emissions, but also tremendously reduces fuel consumption.

Non-stop on long stretches

The L-Series has enough fuel and AdBlue on board for long work days. The diesel tank holds 620 l, the AdBlue tank 80l. Depending on the output level, the share of the consumption of AdBlue to diesel consumption is on average seven percent.

Best service

We offer you professional service and also set standards in this area. Through regular training programmes, we train our sales personnel to provide for a good spare parts inventory and to always keep your machines in operation during the harvest.