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Forage harvesting non-stop.
With the Fendt Cutter drum mower.

The perfect cut is the foundation of quality forage. With the Fendt Cutter drum mowers, the perfect cut is as easy as 1-2-3, regardless of the conditions. The key features of the Fendt Cutter include the proven technology, great durability and new, smart details which make work easier.

The perfect tool in any situation.
Individual solutions for maximum efficiency.

Since only you know the best way of mowing your silage quickly and carefully, our Fendt Cutter drum mowers come in a number of different variants. Choose your ideal solution from different mounting variants for both front and back.

Working Width

Number of cutting drumsBlades per cutting drum

Swath width

Cutter 310 FZ

3,06 m



1,10 - 1,35 m

Cutter 2940 FPV

2,86 m



1,20 - 1,40 m

Cutter 3140 FPV

3,06 m



1,20 - 1,60 m

Cutter 3340 FPV

3,26 m



1,40 - 1,75 m

Cutter 310 TL

3,06 m



1,95 m

Well-thought out in every detail. Proven quality in the field.

Two main features of all Fendt Cutter drum mowers with

their four drums are low ground pressure and carefully

handling of the sward. The drums distribute the weight

evenly onto the ground, and can therefore be used to

cut damp crop. Two clean swathes are always delivered,

as the mower drums operate in pairs.

Innovative details

The drivetrain of the 5-race bearing cutting drums is housed in robust cast metal bearing cases. Three teeth are always engaged thanks to the spiral bevel gears immersed in an oil bath, which gives Fendt Cutter drum mowers their outstanding durability. Easy drum maintenance is a feature of the bolted design. The rotatable skid plates are also bolted on and can be easily replaced if worn. The special type of skid plate makes the mowers smooth to pull, and also prevents forage or earth from being shunted.

Automatically under tension

The elastic V-belt drive, which always sits perfectly thanks to the automatically tensioning device, directs the force to the hex shaft, which is protected against overload by a predetermined break point. This ensures that the force is distributed evenly. The Gleason teeth of the spiral bevel gears ensures smooth running life, coupled with an exceptionally low noise level and fuel consumption.

Fatigue-resistant design

Fendt Cutter drum mowers with their expansive square stainless steel frames are built to last. The mower mount is reinforced by a U profile for an especially long service

life. This maintains stability inside the mower, and means that brief load peaks on the outer ends have no impact on the mower. Maintenance is quick and easy thanks to the laterally fitted inspection hatches.


To make sure that you really harvest nothing but the best quality forage in any situation, there are two front-mounted variants available for the Fendt Cutter. The version with the oscillating linkage adapts itself ideally to uneven ground by pivoting side to side. It delivers perfect cutting results, especially in combination with the load relief front linkage control on the Fendt tractor. The front-mounted drum mower on the headstock with trailing linkage convinces through its three-dimensional adaptation to the ground. It is gentle to the grass sward and ensures your harvest is free of contamination in any situation.



You can also choose from two different versions of the rear-mounted Fendt Cutter. Either the three-point side mounted mower and spring relief for low pressure on the ground, or the three-point centre mounted mower and TurboLift system. In any case, the performance and harvest results of the Fendt Cutter drum mowers will convince you non-stop.


Superior operating comfort

Thanks to tried and proven technology and well thought-out details, the operating comfort of the Fendt Cutter is on par with its outstanding mowing performance. Whether for regular maintenance work, replacing worn parts or any possible repairs: All the important components are easy to access and can be maintained with minimum effort. The quick-release blade system, in particular, saves a lot of valuable time.

Operation & Maintenance

Experience in Hay

A century of silage expertise Tradition, innovation and passion – that’s the recipe for success of the silage centre of expertise in Feucht.