2020-10-07Press release

Fendt MOMENTUM – Next level of planting.

Thanks to its flexible toolbar and sophisticated singulation, the Fendt MOMENTUM large-capacity precision planter places the seed precisely and evenly in the soil, maximising yield potential. Sensors on the Fendt MOMENTUM capture analyze and visualize data in realtime for each row unit, to constantly optimize the planting process.

2020-10-07Press release

Fendt MOMENTUM – Next level of planting.

Thanks to its flexible toolbar and sophisticated singulation, the Fendt MOMENTUM large-capacity precision planter places the seed precisely and evenly in the soil, maximising yield potential. Sensors on the Fendt MOMENTUM capture analyze and visualize data in realtime for each row unit, to constantly optimize the planting process.

In 2019, Fendt held its first launch of the South American model of the new precision planter in Brazil. The North American and European precision planter was in action on the field in North America and Eastern Europe in time for the 2020 planting season. During the Fendt MOMENTUM Crop Tour, customers enjoyed an impressive preview of the innovative technologies featured on the large-scale precision planter, and its capacity for accurate planting even at high planting speeds.

The precision planter can be ordered in two configurations for our Eastern European customers. The Fendt MOMENTUM 16 has 16 rows and a toolbar width of 12 metres, while the Fendt MOMENTUM 24 has 24 rows and a toolbar width of 18 metres. Both machines offer a row spacing of 70 cm, the volume of the two seed tanks is 4,581 litres and the volume of the optional liquid fertilizer tank is 3,785 litres.

Fast and precise – Seed by seed at a perfect distance

Precision in singulation and accurate seed placement have a significant impact on the results of your harvest. The precision planter also uses precision technologies developed in the AGCO Group by Precision Planting®. With the vSet® seed metering unit, the vDrive® electric metering motor and the SpeedTube® seed tubes, the Fendt MOMENTUM promises precise singulation and seed placement even at high speeds.

Various seeds such as maize, sunflowers, and soybeans are separated by the vSet® seed singulation unit with the help of vacuum and always hit their target. The vSet® seed metering unit works with an accuracy of 99.5% even at a high planting speeds. The precision technology prevents skips and doubles. The electric singulation drive vDrive® reliably drives the vSet® seed metering unit, with all the settings directly implemented. The toolbar also features a gyroscope, which intelligently controls the singulation drive, even on turns. The gyroscope adjusts the speed of the singulation drive so that the seed is separated even on corners.

The gyroscope also controls the optional SpeedTube® seed tubes on curves, guaranteeing optimum spacing every time. With the SpeedTube® seed tubes for corn and soybeans, the precision planter can plant at a speed of 16 km/h or higher. This makes the most of tight planting windows.

The MOMENTUM can also be fitted with optional discharge rotors. Discharge rotors optimize planting while gently cultivating the land. These discharge rotors remove plant remnants or foreign bodies, like clods, from the furrow. This promises more even depth guidance. The soil heats up more quickly in a clean furrow, making germination more even and faster. Removing plant remnants reduces the risk of fungicide and the seed is compacted into the soil.

Adapts perfectly to the soil condition and ground contours

Uneven ground on arable land as well as docked terrain can be a challenge for large-scale planters, as they have to perfectly adapt to soil and terrain conditions across the entire working width. To overcome this, the Fendt MOMENTUM has a Vertical Contouring Toolbar (VCT) as well as the automatic downforce system, DeltaForce.

The toolbar of the Fendt MOMENTUM is divided into three separate sections to adapt precisely to the conditions of the field and the ground. Each section features a two-section frame consisting of a main toolbar and the seed toolbar which holds the row units. Position sensors on the toolbar and row units determine both the orientation of the row unit to the seed toolbar and the orientation of the seed toolbar to the main toolbar. As a result, the row units and the toolbar adapt flexibly to docked terrain even while driving, making sure the row unit is always guided parallel to the ground for the best depth guidance.

If a row is no longer aligned parallel to the ground due to the ground being uneven, hydraulic cylinders adjust the position of the seed toolbar so the row unit runs parallel again. In this way, the Fendt MOMENTUM can achieve an exceptionally even seed placement.

The row units can only place the seed at the ideal depth if there is even contact with the ground. To make sure ground contact remains uniform even if the ground is uneven or if the planting speed changes, the DeltaForce® downforce system automatically adjusts the ballast pressure. The pressure applied on the depth gauge wheel is 200 hz. If this deviates due to less ground contact, the ballast pressure is increased until the right contact is made. The interaction between the VCT and DeltaForce® means the precision planter can compensate for ground unevenness of up to 1.65 metres.

Ground adaptation is also improved by the innovative tandem chassis. The tandem chassis is suspended on a floating axle, which helps the tandem chassis adapt perfectly to all ground conditions. The tandem chassis promises track characteristics in the field and the benefit of tyres for transport.

Fully automatic soil protection with the Load Logic weight management system

The use of soil-friendly technologies prevents soil compaction. In turn, this prevents growth damage caused by driving lanes and encourages uniform crop emergence. For improved soil protection, the Fendt MOMENTUM features the optional Load Logic weight management system with a range of weight distribution options.

The Load Logic weight management system includes hydraulic weight distribution and a tyre pressure control system. For intelligent weight distribution, Load Logic uses weighing cells to determine the available weight per tyre, adjusting the weight distribution hydraulically.

Load Logic has three weight distribution modes. In Balanced mode, the weight is distributed over the entire working width of the precision planter. In Controlled Traffic mode, weight is centralized from the wings to the machine centre. For individual ballasting, use Manual mode. The Load Logic weight management system can also be deactivated.

For greater working comfort, the Fendt MOMENTUM's fully automatic tyre inflation system is activated automatically with the folding process. This automatically adjusts the internal tyre pressure depending on the speed and load of the machine, as well as in Field and Road modes. Weighing cells in the axles determine the pressure exerted by the load on each tyre, and adjust the internal tyre pressure and the hydraulic weight distribution accordingly. The tyre inflation system can also be controlled manually from the tractor cab at the push of a button.

For greater stability, the precision planter has wing wheels. The wing wheels of the Fendt MOMENTUM are positioned at the end of the toolbar wings. This supports the weight distribution of the wings and avoids the seed furrow being driven over – avoiding compaction around the seed furrow or between the seed rows.

The tandem chassis of the Fendt MOMENTUM increases the potential load capacity to up to 80 ha while protecting the soil. Filling times are reduced and the area coverage of the precision planter is significantly increased.

Fertilizer – just where it is needed

The uniform spreading of fertilizer is another decisive factor when it comes to healthy growth and a good harvest. To meet this requirement, Fendt's precision planter has a sophisticated system for the application of liquid fertilizer. With the fertilizer disc placed right at the seed disc, it always runs parallel to the seed tubes to guarantee precise fertilizer application, even when the ground is uneven and on corners.

The electrically controlled vApply® modules are mounted on each row unit of the Fendt MOMENTUM. They have a control unit which regulates the flow and application rate of the liquid fertilizer. This ensures that the same amount of fertilizer is applied at each individual row unit, for even seed growth under any conditions.

Efficient area processing with fast application and smart control

All the work preparation and transport functions are designed for maximum efficiency. The precision planter works at the touch of a button. At the same time, the tyre inflation system is activated and adjusts the internal tyre pressure. There's no need to follow a set sequence of work steps in the folding process – the machine does it all automatically.

Position sensors oversee the correct folding of the machine. With Power Beyond control, the Fendt MOMENTUM comes with a double-acting valve for DeltaForce® and the option of a double-acting valve for the compressor. The precision planter is up and running in less than a minute.

All toolbar functions, such as weight management and the blowers of the Fendt MOMENTUM, are clearly managed via ISOBUS and controlled with the Power Beyond hydraulics. This means there are fewer hydraulic connections and oil quantity and oil pressure are provided as required.

The planting parameters are intelligently controlled on our 20|20® terminal. Using dozens of sensors, the Fendt MOMENTUM queries data from the row units on row ballast pressure, ground contact, singulation accuracy, seed placement, planting capacity, and liquid fertilizer distribution – then analyzes and visualizes it in realtime. This information is used to continuously adapt the machine to the conditions. The 20|20® terminal offers a clear overview and unbeatable machine data analysis.

Functions such as SectionControl and VariableRateControl can also be used via the 20|20® terminal. The stored data can be analyzed later on and you can create field maps from the machine's sensor data.

The Fendt MOMENTUM precision planter has been available to order in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Australia, and North America since July 2020, and in Brazil since 2019.