Fendt combine harvester surrounded by Fendt flags and visitors

Fendt presents product range at Spanish trade fair Demoagro

Visitors to Spain's most important agricultural trade show the Demoagro, held June 23-25 in Rueda (Valladolid), were able to experience Fendt machines from mowers to tractors to combines up close in the field.

Fendt presents product range at Spanish trade fair Demoagro

Visitors to Spain's most important agricultural trade show the Demoagro, held June 23-25 in Rueda (Valladolid), were able to experience Fendt machines from mowers to tractors to combines up close in the field.

Tents with Fendt combines and tractors all around on a field

The seventh generation of the Fendt 700 Vario impresses at Demoagro

The seventh generation of the Fendt 700 Vario was presented to a broad Spanish audience for the first time at Demoagro. The top model of the series was named Tractor of the Year 2023 and was the visitor magnet.

Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 tractor with front mower Fendt Slicer 310 FQ RC in use
Fendt Slicer 310 FQ RC

This highly specialized tractor is aimed at the professional customer and combines innovative features that we already know from other top models such as the Fendt 900 Vario Gen7 and Fendt 1000 Vario Gen3. The new 7.5-liter AGCO Power engine with the Fendt iD low-speed concept: 700 - 1,700 rpm, the Fendt DynamicPerformance multi-output concept, the intelligent Fendt VarioDrive driveline and, of course, the revolutionary FendtONE operating concept are the hallmarks of the new 700 Vario series.

A Fendt 728 Vario and a Fendt 722 Vario Gen7 in the field - one mowing, one drivin in a maneuverability parcours
Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 in action

The Fendt 700 Vario Gen7 series was represented at Demoagro by three models: two Fendt 728 Vario Gen7 and one Fendt 722 Vario Gen7. This allowed visitors to put the machines through their paces in the field. The public was able to experience the advantages of this tractor in forage harvesting in combination with a Slicer 310 FQ RC front mower and a Slicer 3160 TLX RC rear mower. Another model convinced visitors of the impressive maneuverability of this tractor. The Fendt VarioDrive drivetrain further supports maneuverability, plus numerous Smart Farming options such as Fendt Guide or Task Management via Fendt Task Doc for work orders.

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New telehandler Fendt Cargo T740

Fendt presented its Fendt Cargo T740 telehandler for the first time in Spain. The new Fendt telehandler offers more visibility, more power, more safety and more comfort.

Telehandler Fendt Cargo T740 in operation with bucket and lifted lift cabin
Telehandler Fendt Cargo T740

Some spectators were able to test the machine and could not hide their amazement at the lift cab. The unique cab provides optimal visibility and intuitive handling. For the first time, the Fendt Cargo T740 combines the advantages of a telehandler with those of a front loader and is perfectly equipped for the needs of agriculture.

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Always on duty

Other operations in the Fendt area at Demoagro included baling with the Fendt Rotana 130 F Combi round baler and tillage with a Fendt 942 Vario equipped with a 7.50-meter-wide cultivator.

A Fendt 942 Vario in the field for tillage
Fendt 942 Vario

The Fendt 942 Vario Gen7, was the favorite among the visitors. It impressed with remarkable advantages such as a 420 hp engine at low speeds (650-1,700 rpm) and sensational tractive power in tillage. In addition, the audience was able to experience a number of innovations, such as a self-cleaning air filter, a hydraulic system with a working capacity of up to 430 l/min, the VarioDrive tire pressure control system, the many smart farming solutions such as Fendt Guide and Task Manager, and the smooth driving characteristics of the intelligent Fendt VarioDrive driveline.

3 Fendt tractors with front weight or front mower
Fendt Tractors

For the customer segment in the medium performance segment, a Fendt 516 Vario with implement was in use. Drivers confirmed the tractive power, versatility and comfort of this series.

Specialist in viticulture

Fendt did not only show solutions for arable farming: In a Spanish wine-growing region like Rueda, Fendt also demonstrated two Fendt 210 P Vario models in the vineyard.

2 Fendt 210 P Vario tractors in use in the vineyard with a leaf stapler and a cultivator, Fendt flags at the end of the rows
Fendt 210 P Vario

The Fendt experts showed the different applications on a vineyard with trellis, with two implements in use on both tractors: a cultivator and a leaf stapler. The good visibility from the spacious cab, the continuously variable transmission between 20 m/h and 40 km/h and the powerful hydraulics with a 119 l/min pump make this flexible tractor the ideal machine for working with special crops.

Successful in threshing

Fendt C-series straw walker combine for use on steep slopes, one tire on a bale of straw, inclined cutterbar
Straw Walker combine Fendt 5275 C SL

The Fendt Full Line program would not be complete without the combines. A Fendt IDEAL 7 PL rotor combine and the new Fendt 5275 C SL straw walker combine impressed farmers and contractors.

Demoagro 2023 is the most important agricultural fair in Spain. At present, Spanish farms are suffering greatly from the drought that has lasted for many years. For the Fendt team, the fair has undoubtedly been a success for agriculture in a time of uncertainty and has spread hope and enthusiasm especially in this situation. Fendt impressed with its offer and was undoubtedly decisive for this success, which we hope will be repeated and help Spanish farmers to face the future.

Impressions of Fendt at Demoagro 2023

About Demoagro

Demoagro is the largest agricultural machinery fair in Spain. This fifth edition, held from May 23 to 25 at the Finca "La Plaza" in Rueda (Valladolid), covered 80 hectares of exhibition space with more than 70 demonstration areas where the main brands in the sector showed visitors the latest technologies. This year, more than 32,000 industry professionals attended Demoagro.

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