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When the office and the field become one

With the advanced FendtONE operating system, your machines always stay up to date. Thanks to continuous updates and functional enhancements, we can respond quickly and flexibly to customer feedback, social and legal requirements. FendtONE grows with you, allowing both onboard and offboard software updates to ensure your machines are always up to date with the latest technology.

Now even more versatile

Since AGRITECHNICA 2023, additional updates and innovations in the area of guidance system and machine control are now available for FendtONE. Learn here how smart digitalisation of operational processes can make your life easier.

FendtONE onboard

FendtONE makes operating the machines easier than ever before. The new guidance system updates simplify your work on slopes and in the field. For machine control, expect options to automate application rates, create optimal tramlines, and have the tractor controlled by the attachment. Get an overview of all news and updates now.

Guidance system
When precision and relief become one

Machine control
When tractor and implement become one

Spot-spraying thanks to Variable Rate Control

The new update for the ISOBUS Variable Rate Control function, in combination with the Section Control function, makes it possible to reduce the application rate to zero on an ad-hoc basis – particularly useful in spot-spraying applications. Drivers can create zones in which no agents may be applied to prevent a delay due to the down regulation of the application rate. This is particularly helpful in complying with legal requirements near protected zones such as bodies of water and residential areas – and further reduces the use of crop protection products.

Optimum tramlines thanks to Tramline Control

The free update in the "Fendt Section Control" function package for ISOBUS-capable machines: Tramline Control enables the exchange of information between the tractor and seeding or planting machines in order to optimally create tramlines. If the working width of the cultivation implement, such as the field sprayer or fertiliser spreader, does not correspond to a multiple of the working width of the seed drill, the tramlines can be calculated automatically using the position data of the tractor – a requirement for this is that the cultivation equipment is equipped with Tramline Control. Farmers and contractors will benefit from this update especially when planning tramlines.

Automated tractor control with TIM

With Tractor Implement Management (TIM), appropriately equipped implements take over control of the tractor so that the team always works at its optimum. With the free TIM Hitch and TIM PTO extensions, the attachment can now also control the rear hydraulics and PTO, for example, to automatically adjust the working depth using application maps. Deep tillage is done only in the most necessary places. And so, the soil can be protected and fuel can be saved.

FendtONE offboard

When planning and managing become one: FendtONE offboard adds useful complementary functions to the applications already available on the machine, allowing farmers and contractors to increase the productivity and efficiency of their work. One of these functions, for example, is the extension of Fendt Task Doc, which uses the recording of agronomic data during field work (onboard) to add task planning and management in Fendt Task Doc (offboard). Direct use of tractor and implement data for documentation can save valuable time.

More Fendt highlights

A Fendt 600 Vario tractor stands in the field and lifts a silo bale. Ants can be seen in the foreground.


The Fendt 600 Vario – naturally superior

For our brand new innovation, the Fendt 600 Vario, we bring nature and technology into perfect harmony. The all-round tractor in the medium power segment was presented live for the first time at AGRITECHNICA 2023.
Mystical representation of the Fendt e100 V Vario tractor


The Fendt e100 V Vario: Think ePossible

The time had finally come: With the Fendt e100 V Vario, we presented the first electric tractor from Fendt at AGRITECHNICA 2023. Emissions-free, powerful, compatible – recognise the new opportunities for your farming and for a sustainable future today. Find out the first details about the new Fendt e100 V Vario now and see for yourself!
Fendt Slicer 960/1010

Product innovation

The Fendt Slicer 960/1010 mowers

Fendt Slicer mowers deliver first-class results down to the last blade of grass thanks to precise cutting height and impressive forage quality. The expansion of our portfolio, especially in the area of the Fendt Slicer, demonstrates our diversity and innovation in forage harvesting. Hear first-hand how impressed customers and employees are with Fendt mowers.
Green folding chairs with the inscription "Your Fendt IDEAL Story"

Your IDEAL Story

Combine customers from around the world tell their IDEAL Story

Immerse yourself in moving stories from our project "Your IDEAL story". Customers from around the world are sharing their IDEAL experiences and how the IDEAL combine has revolutionised their harvest. Together with them and our experts, we exchanged ideas and collected valuable feedback to make the IDEAL combine even more powerful.
Picture of a farmer, Fendt machines and nature with the slogan “Leaders drive Fendt”

Agritechnica 2023

Leaders drive Fendt.

Investing in Fendt means investing in the future. With us it's not just “Leaders drive Fendt”, it's an inspiration that will bloom again at this year's Agritechnica 2023. Be part of it and shape the future with us.