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One interface, all functions.

For years, the control concept of Fendt control elements on the right armrest, comprising the Varioterminal, multi-function joystick, crossgate lever, linear modules and membrane keypad, has proven itself in operation. To operate the tractor, implement and VariotronicTI functions, there are two terminal variants available for the Fendt 500 Vario, the 7” terminal with a new design as well as the larger 10.4” terminal. Both terminals are operated both per touch and keys.

The Varioterminal 7''

Straightforward, intuitive and convenient – the new Varioterminal 7” with LED backlighting brings together all tractor and implement functions in one terminal. ISOBUS-capable implements can also be controlled directly with the Varioterminal. You will find your way around easily in the flat menu hierarchy and the clear display. Simply touch the corresponding menu item directly on the touchscreen or click a key. The stylish, borderless LCD display in smartphone look delivers bright colours and a sharp resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It is extremely scratch-proof and easy to clean. The display dims automatically at night, prevents blinding.

Varioterminal 7"
Cruise control buttons
Engine speed memory controls
Crossgate lever for the 1st and 2nd Auxiliary hydraulic control units
Hand throttle
Pedal range
Power lift control module (EPC) for rear linkage
Control panel with membrane keypad for transmission, hydraulic and PTO functions. TMS activation, speed range election, 4WD and differential lock engagement, front axle suspension, PTO speed selection

4-in-1 Terminal: The Varioterminal 10.4''

Tractor and implement controls, camera function as well as guidance and documentation are completely integrated in the Varioterminal 10.4''. The straightforward screen layout is practical and can be display full-screen and half-screen modes as well as four individual images, each with a different function. The high-quality touch display made of scratch-proofglass has a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and 16 million colours for a sharp image, even in night mode. Touch operation reacts sensitively and quickly. Key operation isalso available.
Varioterminal 10.4''
Cruise control buttons
Engine speed memory keys
Hand throttle
Control elements für Auxiliary hydraulic control units 5 - 7
Pedal range
Crossgate lever for 1st and 2nd Auxiliary hydraulic control units
Electrohydraulic operating module for rear linkage with quick lift switch, depth control and PTO actuation (optional for front linkage)
Membrane keypad for activating TMS, VariotronicTI, speed range selection, 4WD and differential lock engagement, front axle suspension, PTO speed selection and VarioGuide.

The Varioterminal can be adjusted in all directions thanks to a new bracket with a ball joint.

In night mode, the display is dimmed to keep the lighting at a pleasant level for the operator. Thanks to the alternative display, the settings and icons are easy to see.

You can control ISOBUS capable implements via the Variotronic Implement Control, directly with the joystick or Varioterminal. So you do not need additional terminals in the cab.

Everything at hand: Multifunction joystick

With the multifunction joystick, you can control the tractor easily and precisely. The 4-way multi-function joystick serves to accelerate, decelerate and reverse the tractor continuously.The joystick lies well in the hand and numerous features can be activated directly on the lever: cruise control, speed memory, the hydraulics and additional automated functions, such as the headland management. The valves can be freely assigned witht he Varioterminal and triggered by a click on themultifunction joystick.

25 implement memories

All settings in the Varioterminal can be saved under a unique name and called up at a later time. For example, if you have set the engine or cruise control speeds, or configured the hydraulics and linkage, these settings can be easily reloaded and adjusted, if necessary. Of course, operators can also save their own custom settings.

Automatic maximum output control 2.0

The automatic maximum output control 2.0 regulates the engine speed (engine load) dependent on the power requirement, so the engine is always working in the optimal range in terms of fuel consumption and driving speed.

The linkage is set via the Varioterminal and actuated with the powerlift control module, multi-function joystick or the external controls on the rear mudguard. External controls are also available for the front linkage.

The use of cameras on your machines significantly increases comfort and safety. You can see more of what is happening around you, especially in large agricultural machinery. The big 10.4'' Varioterminal has up to two camera connections.

Ideal at the headlands: Fendt VariotronicTI

The headland management VariotronicTI saves the procedures at the headlands. Up to 5 triggers, 13 storable functions (incl. track guidance) and easy set-up from the stationary tractor, the system delivers consistently superior working quality at the headlands. You can trigger the sequences with the push of a button on the joystick. You save up to 1,920 hand movements in 160 turns. The VariotronicTI automatic variant is even easier to use, as it activates sequences automatically at precisely the correct position. It can also be programmed when stationary.

Always on the ideal track

With Fendt VarioGuide you can drive reliably and accurately, even in areas with poor reception conditions. Fendt VarioGuide permits the highest utilisation of your machines, because you can work without actively having to steer, even at night or with large working widths. With Fendt VarioGuide, the tractor automatically maintains the ideal line so that you can concentrate fully on the implement. Overlapping is reduced and,depending on the working procedure, savings of three to ten percent can be achieved. Depending on the application, you can work with two different accuracy levels: with deviations of approx. 20 cm (VarioGuideStandard) or accurate to 2 cm (VarioGuide RTK).

On the ideal track: The new Fendt VarioGuide

With the new version of Fendt VarioGuide, there are now two different receiver systems available, NovAtel® and Trimble®. Existing Trimble® RTK infrastructures on the farm, such as NTRIP, can continue to be used. A number of correction signals are supported, dependingon the receiver, for example, EGNOS/WAAS orRangePoint™ RTX™, CenterPoint RTX™ and Ntrip. Should you lose your signal due to the terrain, VarioGuide continues to work reliably up to 20 minutes without a correction signal thanks to Trimble®-xFill™ technology.

With Fendt VarioGuide you can keep on track in two accuracy levels with a deviation of +/- 20 cm and +/- 2 cm. The flexible selection of available receivers and correction services is new.


Efficient from tractor up to data management

Those who invest in a tractor, also invest in the future. As soon as you get your machines well connected, you will optimise the capacity of your fleet. The newest interfaces and software solutions already permit machine data to be called up independent of location today, which enables immediate reaction. This increases the response and operating times of your entire fleet at the push of a button. The new AGCO Connectivity Module (ACM) is the interface between your tractor and the office, taking over the entire telemetry of the data transfer as the central transmission unit on the tractor.


No overlapping from the very beginning with SectionControl

With the fully automatic Fendt SectionControl for ISOBUS implements, you can apply seeds, fertiliser or pesticides without overlapping. This prevents double treatment and distances are automatically maintained. With the aid of the SectionControl assistant, you can set the correction values for your implement, quickly and easily. The switch on and off points can be set precisely from the very beginning, which automatically results ineconomical application.

When operating ISOBUS-capable sprayers, fertiliser spreaders or seed drills, SectionControl can now switch up to 36 sections.

The SectionControl Assistant guides you step by step through all the required input to set the ideal on and off switching points.

Ideal for every operation, essential in the fleet: documentation and telemetry

Your work at a glance with Fendt VarioDoc

Documentation is the most important basis for farm management for agricultural businesses. With VarioDoc, relevant data can be recorded with a minimum of effort, documented in the field record and then analysed, all in the shortest amount of time. The data is transferred wirelessly from the Varioterminal to the field database using the ISOBUS Standard TC-BAS. Data on the quantity of seeds and fertiliser applied or the fuel consumption per hectare is available immediately after the work is done. Additionally, jobs can be created in the PC and sent to the terminal.

Data monitoring in real-time: Fendt VarioDoc Pro.

VarioDoc Pro also permits recording of GPS position data and data transfer in near real-time Automatic, seamless exchange with ISOXML-compatible field management software and mapping in real-time is therefore possible. The data for the operating inputs that have been used are transferred according to theTC-Geo standard and can be viewed in the Varioterminal while working.

Variable application with VariableRateControl (VRC)

Data transfer with VarioDoc Pro now permits variable rate application, based on the needs of the soil or plants, and therefore saves operating inputs. Based on VarioDoc Pro for documentation, a new solution for precision farming, variable rate control function (VRC), is now available. The individual requirements for seeds, fertiliser and pesticides are shown on application maps. They are then called up during operation and automatically executed. The big advantage: operating inputs can be defined and planned in the field database and then applied with utmost precision.

Efficiency from tractor to data management

Those who invest in a tractor, also invest in the future. The operating capacity of your fleet is optimised as soon as the machines are connected effectively to each other. The latest interfaces and software solutions already permit machine data to be accessed regardless of location, which enables immediate reaction. This increases the reaction and operating times of your entire fleet at the push of a button. The new AGCO Connectivity Module (ACM), the central transmission unit for all data transfer with regard to telemetry solutions, forms the interface between the tractor and office.

The field settings can be transferred to other Fendt tractors through the USB port. The port for charging mobile phones is also very practical.

VarioDoc & VarioDoc Pro

The new function VariableRateControl (VRC) enables the use of application maps and automated adjustment of the application rate on the implement, e.g. manure spreader, sprayers, seeders. Up to 5 application maps can be worked parallel.

VarioDoc & VarioDoc Pro

Your benefit with the Fendt Smart Farming:

Your Fendt’s software is updated during servicing in the workshop. You also get additional new features.

Fendt Smart Farming