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For unrivalled comfort and visibility – Fendt VisioPlus cab.

VisioPlus suspension cab: Full visibility

The Fendt VisioPlus cab is a true wonder of visibility and space, with a 77° panoramic view. The windscreen arches into the roof without an obstructive cross bar, giving you a continuous view of the extended front loader. Ingenious cross-lighting with full visibility even at night. To the ground and straight ahead, your line of vision is improved with the compact bonnet and waisted half-frame. Then there's the full control armrest in the cab with suspension as standard. You will immediately feel at home here. Driver and passenger seat, visibility, controls and suspension – the entire body of the cab has been well thought out from the ground up, designed for your well-being and ultimate working conditions. Profi, the specialist farming magazine, praises the full package in its issue of 7/2017: "Space and visibility is superb, and just 69.9 dB(A) too".

The real virtual Fendt Cab Experience in 360°.

Get a real first impression of the Fendt VisioPlus and simply play back the 360° video with your smartphone or tablet. And there’s also a special feature: if you move along with your smartphone or tablet, you will discover all sorts of details throughout the cab.

To 360° experience with the YouTube App

Welcome home: End-to-end control concept:
With the 500 Vario you can enjoy the uniform control concept of all key Fendt machines from the 500 to the 1000 Vario. With uniform controls you can find a more productive and relaxed way of working with trusted and ideal ergonomics. The practical arrangement and colour coding of the controls guarantee continuous, fast and logical use. All the functions are arranged on the fully integrated multifunction armrest and always within reach. The steering wheel and cockpit are quickly and easily adjusted in height and tilt; the instrument cluster pivots with them so it's always in the right position.

Attention to detail makes all the difference:
A range of smart details brings more joy to your every day. The dirt-protected entrance with wide steps and the easy-to-reach handles are especially practical. The door seals fixed on the frame allow the doors to be closed easily. This includes a cooler box, a number of storage compartments, 3 stretch nets and built-in drinks holder. The ingenious, integrated cable lead-through guides cables cleanly into the enclosed cab. Dust, noise and water stay outside. There is an additional handle on the rear window so you can reach the open window at any time. The air-conditioning system comes as standard, with automatic climate control available on request.

Full view with 300° wiper field: The exclusive windscreen wiper covers your entire field of vision, right across to the wheel arches.
For the best sitting position, the steering wheel and cockpit must be at the right height and tilt angle. That's why the complete cockpit of the Fendt 500 Vario can be individually adjusted, all by foot pedal.
The comfort passenger seat is ergonomically formed and has additional cushioning. It has a safety belt and when folded down it acts as a table with a document holder.*

The passenger seat can fold away and be used to store documents.
A special feature of the Fendt 500 Vario is the vertical handle on the rear window, which lets you open and close the window from the comfort of your seat.
Especially popular in the summer: The hatch integrated in the roof liner provides fresh air, fast and draft-free.
The standard-equipped integral climate control delivers the ideal temperature. Automatic climate control is available for the Profi and ProfiPlus variant.
In addition to a large storage compartment, there is also space for a tachograph in the roof.

The integral cable lead-through prevents dirt, water and dust from entering the cab. The seal also keeps noise outside.
The Varioterminal can be adjusted in all directions thanks to the bracket with ball joint.
The wide, opaque roller shade is adapted to the curved front window and can be adjusted to any position you like.
Keep food and drinks in the cooled storage compartment for your refreshment. The compartment behind the passenger seat can be opened with one hand.

Extensive seat options

Take your place in your ideal driver seat. Everything you need to make a long work day comfortable – from the pneumatic suspension seat to the leather seat with pneumatic support and climate control. The new, dynamic moveable driver seat, the “Evolution dynamic Dual Motion super comfort seat ” is especially beneficial for your back – the upper part of the backrest moves along with your body when you turn around to look towards the rear, and also supports your back when reversing. For greater safety, a three-point safety belt is available as an option for the super comfort seat.

The comfort seat features air suspension and easy armrest adjustment.

The pneumatic suspension Super Comfort seat is equipped with heating, a rotary adapter, low frequency suspension, pneumatic lumbar support and easy armrest adjustment. For greater safety on the road, and especially for municipal operations, an optional three-point safety belt is available for this seat.*


In addition to the features of the super comfort seat, the Evolution Dynamic super comfort seat has side-to-side horizontal damping and climate control. The suspension can be adjusted pneumatically through compressed air from the vehicle

compressor, so the seat suspension can be ideally adapted to the driver’s weight.*


The upper part of the backrest on the new Evolution Dynamic Dual Motion Super Comfort seat turns along with the operator when looking towards the rear and provides support when reversing. The seat is also fully equipped with seat heating, temperature control and pneumatic suspension.*


The Evolution Dynamic Dual Motion Super Comfort Seat is also available with a genuine leather cover. In the new leather package, both the driver and passenger seat as well as the steering wheel are covered with smooth black leather.*


A perfectly aligned cab suspension is the key to safe and relaxed driving and working. With a 4-point bearing, the mechanical cab suspension effectively minimises vibrations and shocks. It's all based on two conic bearings at the front and mechanical spring elements at the rear. For particularly demanding work, opt for the unwavering comfort of the pneumatic cab suspension with built-in self-levelling function. This rests on conic bearings at the front and pneumatic spring elements at the rear.*


End-to-end lighting concept.

End-to-end lighting at the front with halogen driving light, halogen cornerlights (from Profi), work lights (opt. LED) on the A-pillar as well as the auxiliary headlights in the roof and the exclusive crossover work lights (opt. LED) for the best illumination out front without drop shadows.

On the Fendt 500 Vario Profi and ProfiPlus, the headlights are supplemented with corner lights, which also illuminate the entire wheel arch. Chrome trim gives the tractor an elegant appearance and its striking look.

As well as the regular rearlights, the lighting at the back includes work lights in the roof (opt. LED) and more work lights (opt. LED) on the mudguards.

More light to work by – delivered by the 360° LED lighting concept with increased light intensity totalling 49,900 lumens. This produces an even wider light beam. From the front and rear of the roof, as well as on the side of the A-pillars and mudguards, they light up the entire working area as bright as day when working at night. High-power reflectors for even illumination without glare. And another benefit: LEDs save electricity. The following LED headlamps are available for the Fendt 500 Vario: 4x roof rear, 4x roof front, 2x A-pillar, 2x mudguard rear.

Coming home function: For a safe way home, the headlights and cab lighting keep shining, even after the engine has been switched off.


Your entire workstation is perfectly suited to night work, with its integrated rear lighting.

  • Mosaic

    Your entire workstation is perfectly suited to night work, with its integrated rear lighting.

  • Mosaic

    Simply ingenious: The crossover layout of the work lights in the roof prevents shadows.

  • Mosaic

    The lighting is easily set and adjusted thanks to its straightforward keys. With the intelligent one-button system, all lights can be switched on and off with only one touch of the keypad – especially practical when frequently changing between field and road driving in the dark.

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