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Our bale chamber: Perfect bales, every time.

Firmly under control

The secret of the perfectly-compacted and even bales which are continuously produced using Fendt round balers lies in the tail gate. It has been designed to be particularly robust, because it has to be able to withstand exceptionally high loads. Special attention was paid to the mechanical locking latch.

Best locking for the best bales

All Fendt round balers have a mechanically-locked bale chamber. The fact that the secure locking latch prevents the tail gate from swinging out always results in solid and well-formed bales. The bale density is determined through precise measurement of the tailgate hook position. The sensors on both sides accurately measure the bale density and indicate to the operator whether to drive right or left to form a consistent bale.

Practical details make all the difference:
Fendt round balers have genuine unique selling points which pay off in practical use. For example., the bale chambers have self-cleaning bearing housing for a longer bearing life. Moisture and any unwanted debris are removed by the wipers in the bearings. Therefore, it is not only bearings that are always clean, but also tracks, and the service life is not reduced.

Stable guidance for short downtimes:
Two stable cylinders are used to swing the bale chamber's tail gate open and shut. All you need is a single-acting control unit. All of this makes for short drop times, and a Fendt Vario tractor will enable you to smoothly and steplessly raise the working speed within seconds. That's why Fendt tractors and round balers make the perfect team.

3 ribs of the PowerGrip steel rollers are constantly in contact with the bale and ensure reliable rotation.

The right grip ensures proper rotation.

The bearings make all the difference

"Flexibility" is the watchword when it comes to absorbing massive force in different directions. As the bales expand in the bale chamber, this pressure is exerted onto the chamber's side panels and moves them slightly. This is why all Fendt round balers have special bearing housings to counter this effect. Housings are attached to the drive side which allow the bearings to move slightly, but hold the baling rollers in place longitudinally so that the drive sprockets remain in line. On the non-drive side, the bearings can move longitudinally to counter and absorb the bale pressure on the side panels of the baling chamber. This massively improves the bearing's durability.

Grip for reliable bale rotation

To achieve perfect bale quality, it is vital that the crop reliably rotates in the bale chamber, right at the start of each bale. The number of bale rotations and the pressure applied to the bales has a direct impact on the final bale density. A minimal gap between the rollers ensures maximum contact with the bales.

Steel rollers, made for perfect bales

The 18 PowerGrip steel rollers ensure maximum bale compression, outstanding baling efficiency and rotation under all operating conditions. The 10 longitudinal ribs are compressed into a 3.20 mm thick tube through a special manufacturing process. As each roller is seamless, the material structure gives the rollers an unbeatable service life and durability, which is unrivalled on the market today. This unique PowerGrip design is a patented feature of Fendt round balers and allows the balers to work in almost any conditions with any type of crop.

The bale ramp - which can be adjusted without using any tools - gives the bale the desired momentum, and prevents a collision between the tail gate and the bale ramp.

The mechanical latch guarantees solid bales and ensures that the tailgate closes properly.

18 PowerGrip rollers always start the rotation reliably and ensure consistent compression.

A pin on the tailgate ensures that it can be reliably closed even when used on slopes.

These flexible bearings prevent excessive axial loads and massively extend the service life.

The next step to your Fendt Rotana fixed chamber round balers

Fendt Rotana fixed chamber round balers

Fendt Rotana fixed chamber round balers