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Blessed with talent, and in control in any situation.

The all-rounder

The Fendt Twisters can all be used with four, six, eight, or ten rotors in three-point mount. Working widths of up to 10.72 m are no problem. Fendt Twisters are however really compact in the transport position. The synchronous rotor lifting makes it much safer and easier to fold and open the rotors, even on slopes. The rotor speed can be reduced using the optional night swathing gearbox, to shape the perfect night swaths while ensuring excellent area coverage, and to protect the crop against moisture – perfect for small harvest time windows and heavy dew.

Working width


Tine arms per rotor

Twister 431 DN

4,30 m


Twister 601 DN

5,70 m


Twister 5204 DN

5,20 m


Twister 6606 DN

6,60 m

Twister 7706 DN7,70 m66
Twister 8608 DN8,60 m86
Twister 11010 DN10,72 m106

Safety always comes as standard

The automatic safety switch-off with integrated free wheel is the ultimate safety feature of the Fendt Twisters. This automatically and mechanically interrupts the powertrain as soon as the rotors are opened beyond the headland position. Damage to the drive train, as well as on maintenance-free crosspiece joints, are therefore effectively prevented. The hitched twisters from 8608 DN upwards have the security lock system as standard; this hydraulically controls the safety switch for the rotor drive for maximum safety.

Perfection at the edge of the field

Maximum performance can also be easily and conveniently achieved at the edge of the field, courtesy of the central edge spreading device. It is conveniently activated from the cab, and reliably prevents spreading beyond the field edge, therefore significantly reducing forage losses. A hydraulic edge spreader device, which can be retrofitted at any time, is available for the Fendt Twister tedder on request. A control unit is all you need to activate the device.

Large-scale technology in the three-point mounting

On the Twister 11010 DN, the edge spreading effect is not only achieved by trailing the twister at an angle, but through a hydraulically pivoted edge spreading cloth. Even on large hitched Twister tedders with working widths of 10.2 m and 12.7 m, an edge spreading cloth is used for edge spreading. Fitting your Twister 11010 DN with an edge spreading cloth, gives you the benefit of powerful technology used in hitched large-scale twisters.

The synchronised lifting ensures safety during folding when working on slopes.

The patented traction compression system ensures the best ground following and optimal trailing behaviour thanks to the low towing point.

A centre of gravity close to the tractor also has a noticeable effect on stability when on the roads.

On all Fendt Twisters in a three-point mounting, the integrated, adjustable pendular brake stops the twister from rocking. The Fendt Twister 11010 DN is also equipped with a reinforced pendulum brake.

The next step to your Fendt Twister

Experience in Hay

A century of silage expertise Tradition, innovation and passion – that’s the recipe for success of the silage centre of expertise in Feucht.