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Fendt Vario. Perfect for your needs.

From spring through to winter you can make full use of the Fendt tractors’ capacity. Whatever the application, these all-rounders impress with their high-tech solutions and outstanding flexibility.

Great in green areas.

You’ll always find the right tractor at Fendt for maintenance of green spaces, whether it’s for golf course or park maintenance, mowing verges or maintaining large areas. The narrow and highly manoeuvrable Fendt 200 V/F/P Vario with an external width from just 107 cm feels right at home on cycle paths and pavements. With their excellent flexibility and stamina, the Fendt 200, 300 and 500 Vario models are up to any task required by a municipality. Their big brothers, the Fendt 700, 800, 900 and 1000 Vario are ideal for mowing large areas and road construction/excavation tasks.

Grounds maintenance

  • Golf course maintenance
  • Park maintenance
  • Horticulture
  • Grassland maintenance
  • Mowing large areas

Wonderful in woodland.

Whether in woodland or on the roads, you’ll move mountains with the Fendt Vario: Thanks to 4WD and continuously-variable gearbox, it can be used flexibly in any terrain. The series ranging from 70 to 240 HP are specialists in hedge and woodland maintenance, for example with hedge trimmers on booms. Large tractors with up to 517 HP are ideal for wood chipping production and in combination with a wood mulcher. The Fendt 800, 900 and 1000 Vario also come with fully integrated reverse drive control on request.

Forestry and brush

  • Hedge maintenance
  • Brush maintenance
  • Forestry
  • Wood chip production
  • Shredding bushes

Performance, traction and flexibility.

Strength, flexibility and power rating are required in construction work. Fendt high-horsepower tractors prove their worth here, alongside their excellent manoeuvrability and versatility. Transport work is no problem with excellent ride comfort at up to 60 km/h/ Even on unsurfaced tracks, the tractors guarantee the ultimate in comfort and safety thanks to VarioGrip, which can be used to quickly and easily adjust the tyre pressure, and to distribute the weight onto a larger area for maximum sward protection and traction. And there’s even more reasons to choose Fendt tractors: In excavation work, the excellent material handling capacity of Fendt high-horsepower tractors is highly prized, while the high PTO and hydraulic power are of huge benefit in land rehabilitation and soil stabilisation. Fendt also provide a factory-fitted roll bar, approved according to the Construction group guidelines.

Construction and transport

  • Transport
  • Roadside maintenance
  • Building construction
  • Path and road construction
  • Environmental technology

Unbeatable in winter.

Tractors are increasingly used in winter service and are therefore fully utilised as year-round machines. Whether you’re using a snow plough, snow blower, or cutter blower – shear force, PTO power and operating comfort are what count here. With the footwell heater available as an option on the Fendt 200 and 200 V/F/P Vario you’ll always have a cool head and warm feet in winter. The relieving front linkage control available from the Fendt 300 Vario upwards provides the option of transferring part of the implement weight in the front hydraulics to the front axle. This allows you to benefit from better ride safety while protecting the implements. The large glazed areas in the cab offer the perfect all-round view of the surroundings and implements.

Winter maintenance

  • Winter maintenance
  • Clearing and spreading
  • Snow blowing