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Fendt CropFlow 2.0: Reinventing crop flow

New crop flow, from the feeder to the discharge chute

The crop flow of the new Fendt Katana 650 has been drastically improved and perfected, from the hook-up to the discharge chute. The result is the Fendt CropFlow 2.0. This stands for the highest possible cutting and conditioning quality with increased output, reduced wear and higher fuel efficiency. With the all-new roll conditioner, the chopping material is beautifully processed even at long lengths of up to 30 mm. The drum bowl has been changed in shape and length. The new, even longer discharge chute with a larger cross-section and optimised flow geometry carries the harvested material to the transport vehicle with even more precision. The perfect interplay of all components with Fendt CropFlow 2.0 ensures a unique crop flow and excellent silage quality.

Even more efficient

Thanks to the new crop flow including new cracker variants, the Fendt Katana 650 requires significantly less power for chopping and processing. Compared to its predecessor, the fuel efficiency of the new Fendt Katana 650 was increased by up to 12% and the output by up to 21%.

Large chopping drums with 720 mm diameter for smooth running
New drum floor
6 feed rollers for precise cutting with maximum pre-compaction
Innovative blade sharpening equipment
New effective roller crackers
High-capacity discharge blower
New discharge chute

New crackers for the best pulping results

The new Fendt Katana 650 comes with 2 all-new roll conditioners with a large roller diameter and a huge processing surface. The chopping material is completely processed via a sawtooth profile. Even larger plant parts in long-cut silage can be completely pulled apart with an optional roll cracker with additional V-spiral groove. So, even with longer cuts, you can produce silage that cattle can fully absorb and digest.

With a 720 mm diameter, the Fendt Katana has the largest cutterhead on the market. The knives arranged in a v-formation perform at up to 23,000 cuts/min. (40 knife drum), a very high cutting frequency.

20 knife drum

  • Grassland drum for long lengths in grass and especially silver grass from 5.2 to 29 mm
  • Smooth running, even with very long chopping lengths; great for loading work only, when the focus is not on chopping

28 knife drum

  • Large cutting length range with one drum
  • Half knife set that easily adapts to chop lengths of 7.4 to 41.4 mm
  • Chop lengths of 3.7 to 20.7 mm with full knife set
  • All-purpose drum for wide range of use

40 knife drum

  • Even shorter cutting lengths possible for improved gas yield and higher output for bio-gas facilities, 2.6 to 14.5 mm
  • Higher output with short cutting lengths compared to standard cutterhead
  • Improved compaction of substrate for lower silage losses

Six feed rollers for effective crop feed

Six feed rollers guarantee the best crop precompaction, for impressive chopping quality. The 770-mm width of the rollers accommodates large quantities of crop. The cutting length can be infinitely adjusted from 2.6 to 42 mm, depending on the cutting drum, from the driver seat. Thanks to the independent hydrostatic header and feed roller drivelines, the header speed can be best adapted to the harvesting conditions. The cutting length remains constant.

  • Six 770-mm wide feed rollers to pick up high quantities of material
  • Stepless hydrostatic drive of feed rollers
  • Large distance between metal detector and drum (970 mm)
  • Terminal includes 6-level adjustment of metal detector sensitivity
  • Position of foreign object is displayed in the terminal
  • Activation of detector triggers warning signal as info for accompanying vehicle (enable via terminal)

New, innovative knife sharpening device

The Fendt Katana features a newly developed unique sharpening device that is gentle on the crop. The whetstone is continuously reset during the grinding process instead of gradually readjusting outside the grinding area. The new system means the knives are sharpened even more evenly. This means the grinding stone and knives last considerably longer and maintenance costs are reduced.

Protects against foreign objects

There is a large distance between the metal detector and the cutterhead

to allow for enough time to detect metal objects, even with long cutting

lengths. If there are foreign objects in the feed area, the main drive

automatically comes to an immediate stop, which is the reliable way to

prevent cost-intensive repairs to the machine.

Fully integrated silage additive system

The silage additive system, which can be controlled using the Varioterminal, permits application of additives to the crop. The Varioterminal supplies information about the fill level of the tank and the current flow volumes. The silage additive is stored in an optional 215 litre tank on the right-hand side of the vehicle. By the way, you can also clean the crop flow channel using the dosing system.