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Final appearance.

For the current models of the Fendt 900 Vario series.

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Fendt 900 Vario - Ready for more.

Fendt is already thinking ahead, and has the answer to the challenges of the future: The new Fendt 900 Vario. Discover why you're ready for more with the Fendt 900 Vario.

Without compromise.

Ready for more? It's got to be the new Fendt 900 Vario – impressive on every level – efficiency, grip, versatility,

safety, comfort and intelligence.

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933 Vario239326
936 Vario261355
939 Vario283385
942 Vario305415

Rated power ECE R 120

Details that make all the difference.

Large tractor for every job

- Fendt Connect telemetry system
- Realtime display with Smart Connect
- New safety locking system
- Bonnet camera
- Fendt Life Cab for comfort
- Infotainment package
- Premium sound system
- Electric retractable mirror (adjustable on the terminal)
- Pull-out tool box with 3 different equipment options

Front axle

- Levelling single-wheel suspension: compared to non-sprung front axle up to 6% more tractive power on the field
- Automatic suspension lock from 20 km/h
- Up to 8.5 t front axle load at 60 km/h
- Avoids 'power hopping' for optimal grip
- Maintenance-free bearings and joints

Reversible fan

- Clean the radiator grille separately by completely reversing the air flow direction
- Maximum fuel efficiency with cooling capacity adjusted to the needs of each part
- Interval-led reversible fan option – can be timed in the Varioterminal
- Maximum ease-of-use when using it with VariotronicTI

VarioDrive drive train

- Separate drive for front and rear axles
- No need to manual switch to all-wheel drive
- Optimum engine/transmission tuning together with Fendt iD low speed design
- Always the smallest possible turning circle with 'pull-in-turn' - Gear oil change only required every 2,000 operating hours
- No special oil required

Fendt iD low engine speed concept

- All vehicle components are perfectly aligned to the right speeds, including the engine, gearbox, fans, hydraulics and all auxiliary units
- Reach the highest torque at low revs
- Low fuel consumption, all the time
- Extended service life


- 9.0 l capacity
- Power range: 296 - 415 hp
- Common-rail system with up to 2,500 bar injection pressure
- More efficient fuel combustion thanks to high compression
- Higher internal-engine efficiency with eliminated exhaust gas recirculation and separating hot and cold sides
- Turbo-supercharger with variable turbine geometry (VTG)
- Low noise emissions
- Engine oil changes: 1,000 operating hours


Machine of the Year 2020 in the high-horsepower tractor category and Audience Choice Award. The Fendt 900 Vario picked up two prizes at the Machine of the Year 2020 award ceremony on 12 November. Fendt won both the Audience Choice Award (formerly the Audience Award) and Machine of the Year in the high-horsepower tractor category for its new Fendt 900 Vario.

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Tractor of the Year 2020. The judges of the "Tractor of the Year Award" commended the Fendt 942 Vario for its connectivity, which enables fleet management and machine optimisation. It also praised the combination of the newly developed MAN engine and the low-speed Fendt iD concept, which, the panel said, "delivers high performance at low speed, delivering a smooth-running engine with maximum torque and minimum fuel consumption".

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Golden Ear. The new top-end model of the 900 series, the Fendt 942 Vario, won over the panel with its innovative technology, performance and excellent workmanship. "The first public launch of the Fendt 900 Vario was at the beginning of July, and the response since then has been phenomenal," said Christian Erkens, Director Sales Fendt, "We are now showcasing the model to local customers at global events. This is the first time the completely newly developed 900 series has been able to demonstrate its efficiency, ease-of-use and performance to the public."

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