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360° sophistication. The Fendt Twister tedder.

Thanks to their innovative and well-designed technology, the Fendt Twister tedders are dedicated specialists in fast and clean forage drying. They form the perfect link between mower and rake. A century of experience in forage harvesting reflected in every detail.

All Fendt Twisters have a large, thick walled square frame. This ensures a long life and excellent stability, as does the connection of individual rotor arms via sturdy frame joints, special flange bearings, and hardened bolts. The centre gearbox of the Fendt Twister is immersed in an oil bath and is protected against ingress of dust and dirt. The bearings on both ends provide for unparalleled smooth running.

Direct drive

All drive components are safely protected against dust and dirt thanks to the closed design, and are lubricated with grease. A large hex shaft and self-centring crosspiece joints are efficient drivers of the rotors. The maintenance-free system has proven its worth on hay tedders a thousand times over, and features a direct, straight drive train. The system is also easily accessible and is therefore very maintenance friendly.

Setting in motion

Smart features which make the Fendt Twisters the efficient and well-designed machines they are, can also be found on the rotors’ wheels. They have been positioned so that there is only a small gap to the tine arms at the lowest point on the ground. This gives the Twisters excellent ground following, and prevents contamination of the forage. The wheels also have winding protection plates in the rim, which keep grass away from the rim.

The large, thick-walled square frame can withstand tremendous loads, and guarantees a long life.

Driving stability, ground following and trailing behaviour of the Fendt Twisters are enhanced by the patented push-pull system.

The hex shaft transfers the power directly and with little loss, and is protected against overload by a predetermined break point. It is protected against dirt by the closed design.

Put your trust in tried and tested details.

The Fendt Twister tedder tines are made from sturdy, galvanised spring steel strip and are thoroughly tested. The contact surface between tine arm and rotor plate is extra wide for optimal power transmission. The tine arm is flexible enough to handle any uneven ground, by absorbing the resulting force, so providing maximum protection to the tines and sward. The smooth tine carrier surface means that no forage becomes trapped. The tines are of course fitted with an anti-tine loss device.

The ‘Super C’ tines are made from 9.5 thick heavy-duty steel, and are characterised by their long lifetime and exceptional results.

All ‘Super C’ tines come with protection against loss as standard to protect any following vehicles and animals.

Exceptional quality of work thanks to the combing effect

Using the combing effect, the forage is deposited in two layers by the equal-sided tines and is therefore turned to perfection. This helps keep the forage clear of dirt. The lifetime is increased since the load on the tines is the same on both sides. Since all tines are of the exact same size, there’s no need to keep different spare parts and replacements.

Tine arms and rotor plates

The tines and rotor arms are bolted onto each other, creating a force-fit connection. Rotor plates have a reinforced profile for stability and safety. The spreading angle can be quickly and easily adjusted in a hole template on the wheels.

The tine carriers have an exceptionally wide, unbendable contact surface on the rotor plate.

Thanks to the maintenance-free crosspiece joints, the maintenance work is kept to a minimum.

Experience in Hay

A century of silage expertise Tradition, innovation and passion – that’s the recipe for success of the silage centre of expertise in Feucht.