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The perfect chassis for maximum output.
Fendt Tigo MS, MR and MR Profi.

Payload champion

The flexible and easy conversion of the loading wagon into a forage wagon makes the Fendt Tigo MR 50 and 60 Profi the right solution for your farm. The combination of very high payload and dual use ensures that the capacity can be fully utilised, and enhances the return on investment in the Fendt Tigo. Components have been designed to be durable and extremely rugged to keep the Fendt Tigo MR Profi operational at all times.

The wagons can be equipped with tyres up to 710/40 R 22.5. This ensures optimum soil protection.

Optional self-steering can be retrofitted for all models.

All Tigo MS and MR models have a permissible maximum weight of 12 t. You can opt to increase this to 15 t on Tigo MS models and to 17 t on MR and MR Profi models.

Full steam ahead:
So you can quickly move on or off the field during harvest time, the Fendt Tigo gives you plenty of ground clearance at 70 cm. The high ground clearance is set at the touch of a button, and the drawbar swung out to its maximum extent, Meaning that even rough terrain is no problem, especially during the maize harvest. The articulated drawbar suspension of the Fendt Tigo models optimally absorbs any impact felt by the tractor and loading wagon, and therefore guarantees you a high level of operating comfort. The hitches on the Fendt Tigo enable you to make best use of large loading volumes, and to load a bumper crop. The Tigo models are equipped as standard with a drawbar for a trailer hitch, which gives you a drawbar load of 2 tonnes. A bottom hitch with K 80 ball hitch is available as an option. The streamlined drawbar design allows the maximum steering angle even with large tractor wheel treads.

Stable tandem chassis:
Regardless of the terrain, the standard tandem combination chassis of the Fendt Tigo provides optimised ground following. Heavy loads are distributed evenly thanks to the balancing swingarms, and the long suspension makes it a smooth drive at a permitted maximum weight of up to 17 tonnes. The high-performance leaf springs ensure optimum driving comfort. A self-steering system is also available as an option for all models. Make the best use of your team with a max. speed of 40 km/h. With an ISOBUScompatible tractor you can utilise the speed-dependent lock for forward and reverse driving. All models are equipped as standard with a two-wire air brake system (four-wheel braked) with ALB (automatic load-dependent brake system).

The next step to your Fendt Tigo (ST/S/MS/MR/MR Profi)

Fendt Tigo (ST/S/MS/MR/MR Profi)

Fendt Tigo (ST/S/MS/ MR/MR Profi)