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Test Fendt forage wagon and round balers

Fendt Tigo and Fendt Rotana active on the field

On your marks, get set, go!

It’s not just a saying, we want to prove it to you. With one of the most renowned, well thought-out and comprehensive round balers and forage wagon portfolios on the market. Choose from over 30 models that meet your needs and see for yourself with Fendt TEST THE BEST in action.

Technology with foresight

Our round balers and loading vehicles have long been forerunners in the development of innovative technology as well as in fantastic detailed solutions. Driven by the inventive spirits of the forefathers, we are setting standards with our Rotanas and Tigos, then as now, through targeted development and constant desire for improvement. Machines with the highest functionality and quality for the best harvest results are here for you to test - just TEST THE BEST.


Versatile. Compact. Relentless.

At altitude or on wide lowlands. Whether swing-arm or rotor. Whether specialist or combi wagon. Fendt Tigos offer everyone the right machine with one of the greatest portfolios on the market. They all have one thing in common: Every Tigo is full of ingenious and well thought-out ideas that enable successful harvests in short time windows. Here's a little taste - life-size at your dealership.

The Fendt Tigo in the DLG comparison test 06/2022

The proportion of chop lengths in the desired range of 25-50 mm was an impressive 40% for the Tigo. In terms of absorption losses, the Tigo impressed with only 0.3 %, compared to 0.9 % losses for the competitor. No fodder contamination could be detected.
DLG comparison test 06/2022
Due to the significantly lower power requirement and the higher throughput, the fuel consumption per tonne drops considerably. Despite 6% more compaction in the load compartment, the Tigo has a significant 10.4% lower fuel consumption.
DLG comparison test 06/2022
For the performance, a compaction capacity of 220 kg/m3 and a throughput of 125 t/h was set. Here, the Fendt Tigo shows an even clearer advantage: compared to the competitor (246 kW), the Fendt Tigo achieves these power values with only 206 kW and thus requires 16.6% less power.
DLG comparison test 06/2022
In the test, the Fendt Tigo was impressive with an average recovery performance of 130 t FM/h at maximum working speed over several test runs. The competitor's machine only achieved 118 t FM/h.. Despite 6% more compaction in the loading space, throughput is a massive 10.8 % higher with the Tigo.
DLG comparison test 06/2022


Full of innovations for the best possible forage harvest

Fendt Rotanas impress with trendsetting solutions. The experience, innovation and reliability of our round balers is evident in every bale produced by the fixed and variable chamber balers and bale-wrapper combinations. The comprehensive equipment and intuitive operation let you focus completely on the harvest. Here's a little taste - life-size at your dealership.


Fend Tigo Alpine swing arm wagon
Fendt 300 Vario tractor with Fendt front mounted mower and Fendt forage wagon mowing and collecting grass in a meadow
Fendt Tigo swing arm wagons
Fendt 500 Vario tractor with Fendt Tigo rotor wagon collecting grass on a field
Fendt Tigo rotor wagon
A Fendt tractor with Fendt Tigo combi rotor wagon collecting grass swathes on meadow
Fendt Tigo combi rotor wagon
Fendt Rotana fixed chamber
Fendt Tractor with Fendt Rotana variable chamber round baler pressing hay bales of various sizes
Fendt Rotana Variable Chamber
Fendt 300 Vario with Fendt Rotana fixed chamber round baler pressing hay bales
Fendt Rotana Combi

Test results for the Rotana round baler

The bales are also reliably transferred to the wrapper even on a slope. The fact that the wrapping table folds right down and lets the bale gently roll on to the ground is a great solution.
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Fendt Rotana 130 F baler-wrapper combination in the agrarheute test 02/ 2021
If the material gets stuck at the conveyor channel, things get tricky. The Rotana has two strategies on hand as a defence mechanism. We tested this scenario thoroughly and kept knocking out the rotor. Luckily, the driver can unblock any jams without getting out of the cab.
orange logo of the industry magazine "agrarheute"
Fendt Rotana 130 F baler-wrapper combination in the agrarheute test 02/ 2021
The Rotana 130 F Combi is fast: Even before the tailgate is closed, both wrappers get to work. 31 seconds later, the bale is wrapped and ready to drop. Not once did we have to wait for the wrapper to wrap the last bale before the next bale was made.
orange logo of the industry magazine "agrarheute"
Fendt Rotana 130 F baler-wrapper combination in the agrarheute test 02/ 2021
Fendt's baler is reliable and shows above-average performance data.
Rotana 160 V Xtra in LANDWIRT 01/2021
The test drivers were thrilled with the Fendt baler’s work rate.
Rotana 160 V Xtra in LANDWIRT 01/2021
A key factor of round balers is their netting system. In this regard, the Fendt Rotana positively shines. Regardless of how difficult the conditions are, it is always able to net the bale.
Rotana 160 V Xtra in LANDWIRT 01/2021

Test Fendt round balers and forage wagons for yourself now

Would you like to see the quality and performance of Fendt forage harvesting technology for yourself? Then take the chance and test the round balers and forage wagons as part of the TEST THE BEST campaign – with no obligation and free of charge!

Three steps to the
product demonstration

  1. Fill in the form below and indicate your desired machine(s). Please also enter concrete desired models in the optional comments field.
  2. We will forward your enquiry to your local Fendt dealer. They will take care of your TEST THE BEST live experience personally and individually.
  3. You will be contacted by your Fendt dealer in a timely manner. They will give you feedback on your request and discuss further details with you.

Request a TEST THE BEST demonstration now

You can use the form below to request your TEST THE BEST demonstration quickly, free of charge and with no obligation. To do this, fill in the individual form fields and specify your desired machine. If you would like to test several machines, please indicate all of your desired machines. Please enter the specific requested models into the optional comments field.

Please enter the specific requested models into the optional comments field.

Your demonstration request will be forwarded to your Fendt dealer. They will contact you as soon as possible to discuss further details.